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Reason number 127 to join the Musical Revolution: It’s the only revolution where you *probably* won’t be brutally murdered.

So, I have the proverbial “ant in my pants” waiting for the ACL line-up to come out in the next few weeks. My heart skips a beat every time I hear people conjecturing over who may or may not be playing. As for me, I have a dream. A dream ACL line-up. This Musical Revolution post is dedicated to my top 6 (openers and headliners) for the 3 day festival of Musical Revolution also known as Austin City Limits. I pray the ACL gods are reading this.


Dizzee Rascal

Florence + The Machine


Ellie Goulding

Lil Wayne


Mumford & Sons

Kings of Leon

My dream may seem unattainable but I have faith- at least for a few more weeks until the line-up is released. And this list is by no means comprehensive of the bands I’m hoping play at ACL this year, I’ve got my fingers crossed for many, many more. C’mon ACL gods, don’t fail me now.

What are the acts you’re dying to see this year??

Every Friday is dedicated to Musical Revolution you can follow it here or on twitter (@girlcontrary).

Also- I’m thinking about starting an entire Musical Revolution blog. Thoughts fellow revolutionaries????

5 thoughts on “Musical Revolution

  1. OK. I’ll be ignorant….what is ACL..besides a ligament that’s easily torn?

    F&TM was kewl…was hoping the drummer would do more, but that’s just my drummer bias…being one and all…

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