I Am A Trendsetter. I Set Trends.

Da Bomb
This is a Kris Kross album. They got the name from me. Kris Kross will make ya jump jump the daddy mack will make you jump jump!!!

So, I’ve been thinking lately about how everyone loves me and tries to be like me. Sometimes it’s a lot of pressure. To avoid letting people down by having a lapse in awesome, I’ve stockpiled some catch phrases. These are those catch phrases. Prepare for awesome.

Wiggity. This is when someone is acting all crazy-like.  When used in a sentence- “Ohhh gurl, you acting wiggity.”

BOOM. I say this after I’ve just dropped a truth bomb on someone. When used in a sentence-  “Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. BOOM.” or “These tacos are really good. BOOM.”

Dig your chili. This is what you say when you like someone. When used in a sentence- ” Hey you. I dig your chili.” (Note- not to be used when someone you like is actually serving you chili)

Gossip Girled. This is when despite your best efforts, you get pulled into drama. When used in a sentence- “Aww man, I just got gossip girled by that ho.”

Blurg. This is what you say when things don’t go your way. For example, ” I didn’t get nominated for a Nobel Prize. Blurg.”

E! Channeled. This is what you say when you catch an STD. When used in a sentence- ” I met this guy in Vegas. Needless to say, I got E! channeled.”

Blog Blogged. This is when someone steals one of your blogs/blog ideas. For example,  “Some guy started a Boy On The Contrary blog. I can’t believe I got blog blogged. Blurg.”

Going Bollywood. This is when you randomly break into dance to express a strong emotion. For example, “That really hurt my feelings. Give me a minute to go Bollywood.”

So, yeah. That’s me all day baby! Feel free to share your awesome catch phrases. Although, I should warn you, if they are more awesome than mine then I will probably steal them and say they were mine originally. At least that’s what happened with “Da Bomb.” Like I said, it can be a lot of pressure to be a trend-setter. I’ll probably develop some type of addiction soon. Shrugs.

12 thoughts on “I Am A Trendsetter. I Set Trends.

  1. *clap, clap* Good post! I remember when I had a blog over at Y!360. An internet friend and I came up with a dictionary of words that we’d use, just to keep anyone else reading our blogs in the know.

    E.g.: Spam = Commenting continuously in ones own comment box. You can also spam your friend’s comment box, just to show some comment love or if you basically have nothing else to do.


  2. This was hilarious… I was laughing so hard at my office that my boss thought I was “wigging”out. I think I may have sealed the deal when I was got up and started “going Bollywood”. I was like “Boom” baby this blog is hot.
    They still seemed all “blurg” cause they obviously didn’t get where i was coming from so I let them read your blog.
    At first, they were confused. “It’s simple people. Learn to laugh! Don’t act like you just found out you have been “E! Channeled”. After I filled them in on all the “gossip girled”, I happy to say they all “digged your chili”!

  3. Gurl, I dig your chili, for sure.
    I’m coining Nutbrushing: Can be used when someone is annoying you to the point of snapping. “You’re seriously nutbrushing right now. Shut your mouth” It can also be used as a noun or adjective.

    P.S. I’m also taking credit for bringing the robot back in 2000. It’s true. I robotted into the new millennium.

    1. Just so you know, I’m using “nutbrushing” regularly. But, because I like you, I will totally give you credit. Also, I owe you a huge “Thank you!” for bringing the robot back in 2000, I rocked that move.

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