Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster
Reason 222 to join the musical revolution: Because I said so.

As we all know, I am on a never-ending search for new music. Doesn’t matter what genre, I just want to surround myself with truly brilliant music. Luckily, I am never disappointed in this search. This week, I am featuring some of my favorite new musical discoveries. The Musical Revolution continues….

The Civil Wars

I bought this entire album immediately after having heard this song. It didn’t disappoint. Buy this album immediately. As the leader of this revolution, I insist you obey.

The Tallest Man Alive

Big thanks to @GregJames (BBC Radio1 DJ) who introduced this to the world via Twitter. It’s things like this that make me really love social media.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Love this band so much. They have been headlining my stereo for months now.

Click on the link. Ok- so I discovered the music of Santigold ages ago (like 2008…) but this is her new single with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I am LOVING IT! She is an epic artist. Get on board people- this is MUSICAL REVOLUTION.

Let me know what some of your favorite new musical discoveries are. If I’m down, they will definitely be featured here. Let’s spread the music people!!!

Musical Revolution occurs every Friday. Follow the Revolution on twitter @girlcontrary or on this blog. Feel free to feature the Revolution on your blog as well. It’s all about the music.

8 thoughts on “Musical Revolution

  1. I realise I don’t listen to much music anymore and I’d like to blame work for that.

    I loved the Civil War!!!! Don’t you think the guy looked like a meatier version of Johnny Depp!!! hehehe!

  2. Wow, nice picks! I’ve been jamming to a group called Jonas Sees in Color; their song “Devil in the City” is amazing. Totally been digging on DeVotchka too. They have a song called “How It Ends” which is fantastic ^.^

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