Excited Hyperventilation Extravaganza

Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness. Oh geez. Oh my geez. Can’t. Take. A. Breath. Too. Excited. So very happy. Over the moon. I. Am. DYING.

I am so freaking excited. Like, over the moon, sugar high, just won the lottery, came up with the best yo mama joke, got a rap record deal, kind of excited. Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know? D’wannano? Because, tonight I’m going to….wait for it…. the KINGS OF LEON concert. I literally got goosebumps writing that.

And sure, I know what you’re thinking “Wait, Girl on the Contrary. Haven’t you seen them live before?” And you’re right. I have seen them live before. AND IT WAS EPIC. I went into a state of pseudo- Nirvana last time I saw them. And tonight, I’m going back to that place. Because KOL are playing the ATX and I will be there!

This excited hyperventilation extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without my two best friends- Mary and Sarah. They are beyond divine and surprised me with these tickets for an early birthday gift. They have my eternal love. Although, I think they bought me these tickets because they were with me last time I saw KOL and probably (definitely) got a lot of laughs from my behavior and just wanted to recreate the hilarity. I could not ask for better friends. 🙂

Enjoy some samplings of what I’m going to see tonight.

11 thoughts on “Excited Hyperventilation Extravaganza

  1. THIS IS SOOOOO WEIRD! KOL is one of my favorite bands! I saw them live for the first time a couple of years ago and was in complete awe. The best part was they played A LOT of their old stuff (Knocked Up, Milk, King of the Rodeo) which I loved because I love their old stuff.
    It is the first nice day of Spring where I am and I had them on in the car this afternoon with the windows rolled down. Summer is near!
    Have fun! I’m jealous.

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