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Reason Number 789 to join the Musical Revolution: Music is like a time-machine. Seriously.

Speaking of reason 789, I decided to feature my favorite band from my somewhat younger days. I’ve seen them live many times and have all of their albums. I hadn’t listened to them in a while but the other day I popped in one of their CDs, rolled my car windows down, and put the stereo on full blast. It was glorious. Also, I still really like their music. Basically all of my memories from High School and my first year of University have their music playing in the background. Curious? Any guesses??? Without further ado….


Hands Down

This makes me think of some really happy times with my college boyfriend. It was “our song”.


So sweet. This song features permanently on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes.

Saint and Sailors

This is the first DC song I ever heard. I promptly went out and bought everything I could find of theirs. One of my favorite lines in a song ever “You smile like a saint, but you curse like a sailor, and your eyes say the jokes on me.”

Ahhh, memories. You can fall in love to these songs, you can break-up to these songs. My car stereo is now featuring them daily- and loudly. Also, I am absolutely gutted that I missed their last Austin show in March.

What are your favorite bands from younger days??

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6 thoughts on “Musical Revolution

  1. Favourite bands and younger days? Wow…okay here goes:

    Deff Lepard
    Bon Jovi
    and the like…

    When I was 12, it was Air Supply, the only “band” I knew of then! heehee!

  2. Because I have no memories associated with these songs, I’ve chosen to make up memories associated with your memories. When I listen to Hands Down I will think of your good times with your college boyfriend. I imagine the two of you solved some sort of mystery and were feted as heroes on the front page of the school newspaper. Those were good times.

    1. Indeed they were. However, you have some of the details a little mixed up- we solved a mystery involving the school paper (it was the Editor, of course) and were feted as heroes on the local news.

  3. I heard a lot of Dashboard Confessional music back in the day.
    We should sit together and drink ice tea and talk about the music back in the day!
    Lets get drunk on nostalgia!

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