Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster
I got this from Coop. Click on it to see what other gems you might find on his blog.

Reason 87 you should join the revolution: Listening to music never killed anyone. Probably.

Reason 258 you should join the revolution: Without music riding around town on a beautiful day with your windows down would be meaningless.

Kings of Leon.

I’ve been listening to Aha Shake Heartbreak a ton this week. It’s an album that never gets old.

Friendly Fires

I love this band to pieces and this is one of my favorite songs ever. So brilliant.

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12 thoughts on “Musical Revolution

  1. I’ve loved every one of your recommendations, so much so that I took credit for discovering them on my own so people would think I was cool. I finally admitted to my wife that I got them all from you after she questioned how I could be cool enough to find so much great music, but still uncool enough to call it ‘the rock-and-roll type music that the young people are liking’.

  2. xmichra2 says:

    haha.. okay I can’t beleive this, but ditto to coop 😉

    I loved the pool video, that was just shot brilliantly.

  3. cooper says:

    liked the music on the KOL track…the vocals I can live without
    friendly fire vid is way kewl…

    good picks as always!

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