Awww, Man. That Sucks.

You know when you think you really like a guy and then he writes “no” instead of “know”? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know how when you’re talking about the properties of the element borium and then you find out that borium isn’t an element and you’re like, what? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you see a super cute guy from across a room and then the closer you get the uglier he gets? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you look forward to something all week and then it gets cancelled because of apocalypse? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you tweet something hilarious and then no one cares, but it was totally hilarious? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you are dancing in your room and you are like, really busting out some awesome moves and then you try to recreate them at the club or at a funeral but you just look like you are having a seizure? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you get invited to a wedding and the cake doesn’t taste good? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when your boyfriend reads your blog and doesn’t think posts about his anatomy are funny? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when people describe you as “eccentric” and you take it as a compliment but they don’t mean it as a compliment. Awww, man. That sucks.

You know when you love zombies and then you actually meet a zombie and he’s a total brain-eating douche-bag who wants to kill you by eating your brains and also maybe turn you into a zombie douche-bag? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know how when you used to be a blonde and you were super confident and really good at flirting and so you dye your hair blonde again but it doesn’t make you good at flirting again? Awww, man. That sucks.

You know how you really like a song and then you realize it’s about how women are ho’s but you still like listening to it and then you feel like a really bad feminist? Awww, man. That sucks.

I’m just sayin.

26 thoughts on “Awww, Man. That Sucks.

  1. Teddy says:

    Poor grammar is the biggest turn-off ever. I judge people based on their grammar – is that wrong or totally acceptable?

  2. lol some were good but the boyfriend’s anatomy was hilarious. My GF says all kinds of stuff on her blogs about me and my anatomy, tell him to loosen up. LMAO – nice post

  3. You know how you’re walking down the street and a cute guy is totally checking you out and you start feeling flattered and exited, but then you realize, that your skirt got stuck into your panties / your fly is open. Awww, man, that sucks.

  4. You know how you dress up all nice and cute and you think that’s why everyone is looking at you but you find out way later that your shirt/blouse is see thru and half your nipple was showing. Awww man that sucks 😦

  5. You know when you read a hilarious blog (i.e. yours) and then you think of a kickass, hands down, full blown crazy funny comment, and then the whole system goes down at your work for 15 minutes and by the time you reboot, log in, and pull up the blog you can’t remember anything!!
    Awww man that majorly sucks.
    Sorry !!

  6. Sabine says:

    You know when a guy comes up to chat you up, and you get all excited because you think he’s interested in you, but in the end he wants to meet your friend?

    Awww, man. That sucks.

    (I guess this one isn’t funny, just sad.)

  7. BWAHAHAHAHA… that last one, boy oh boy do I know what you mean!! lol…

    And what did you tweet? I don’t have twitter so I missed what was sure to be a doozy.

  8. You know how you see a hot looking woman in the distance and as you get closer it turns out to be a guy? Awwww, man. That sucks.

    You know how you pour milk on the cereal and it’s only after the first bite you find the milk has gone bad and the whole bowl has to be dumped but the sour taste is so prevalent that another bowl of cereal is out of the question even if you have a new container of milk? Awww, man. That sucks.

    You’ve been hearing strange noises from your computer then all of a sudden it stops working and you find out the hard drive physically crashed and all the data is lost and you haven’t made any backups in over a year? Awww, man. That really sucks.

    Kim Kardashian. Awww, man. That sucks.

  9. You know when you wake up in the morning thinking that its the weekend but it turns out to be Friday? Awww, man…..wait that doesn’t happen to normal people? 😦 That sucks!

    Love this post!

  10. You know how you write the most amazing blog post and it gets the least views, but the piece you didn’t really commit yourself to, but just kinda half-assed it (even though all your posts are genius cuz, um… hello, it’s you) is still getting a ton of views even a month or two after you posted it?
    Awww, man. That Sucks.

    I’m not speaking from personal experience or anything.

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