Musical Revolution Week….Whatever

Ok- so I’m going to stop counting weeks and start counting reasons why you should be part of the revolution.

1. It’s awesome.

2. Sharing music is awesome.

3. There might be t-shirts eventually.

4. You have your Friday posts practically written for you. All you have to do is fill in your music.

5. It’s a revolution. Which makes it revolutionary. This is logic.

I shouldn’t have to give you any more reasons but I have like 568,000 more so if you really need them I can give them to you. But only one at a time.

On to the music….

Tinie Tempah Featuring Ellie Goulding

I can not get enough Tinie Tempah. And this collaboration with Goulding is BANANAS. Love it!

James Brown

I mean, come on. TUNE.

Remember to share your revolutions here, on your blogs, or on twitter (@girlcontrary).

Musical Revolution is something I started as a New Year’s resolution. It’s all about the music. Feel free to check out previous revolutions herehere,hereherehereherehere, and here.


12 thoughts on “Musical Revolution Week….Whatever

  1. Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. Today was a real oldie called My Old Flame…but yesterday it was The Clash’s “Hateful” and the day before more Clash…one never knows.

  2. One of my favourites at the moment is Jamie Cullum with London Skies. An oldie, but I just moved here and it’s true: somehow there’s something magical about London skies…


  3. I was actually thinking of writing a post on Country Music ! Ok, I know its not the same as Tinie Tempah and I love the one you’ve posted too!!, but you songs have their own charm 🙂

    I’ll need to come by later to listen to the music. My sis is sleeping and we share the same room…..long story 😉

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