Musical Revolution Week 9

It’s been an interesting week. Lots of thinking thoughts and pondering ponders and wondering wonders.

Two Door Cinema Club

Loving this song right now. It takes those thoughts and ponders and wonders that I was thinking and pondering and wondering about and then punches them in the face so I can remember to breathe.

Ellie Goulding

I don’t think many people in the US know about this cover. You’re welcome US. (This one is free but next time I have to introduce you to stunning brilliant music you owe me 1 million dollars- I gots to get paid yo)

What were your musical revolutions of the week? (Note: if you introduce me to stunning brilliant music, then I don’t owe you a million dollars, but I will give you a shout out on the blog which is like a million dollars… I right? I’m totally right.)

5 thoughts on “Musical Revolution Week 9

  1. I hadn’t heard the second one either (canuck though), so thanks!

    I couldn’t make up my mind because of the week I’ve had. So I listed… erm… five *hehe*…

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