I Assume My Crown Is In The Mail…

Union Jack
Red, white, and blue are probably the most popular flag colors.


I took a little look-see through my subscribers list. What I found there both shocked and delighted me. More than half of my subscribers are from the UK!!! Why? How? I don’t care, I just love how international I am! Also, I have a deep love of the United Kingdom as I studied there for a semester when I was in University and it was one of the best times of my life. So, considering my love of the UK and that so many of the people who love this blog are from the UK, I think all of the following are reasonable conclusions.

1. I will become a Dame. “Dame Girl on the Contrary”. (Damn Girl on the Contrary is probably more apt….)

2. I will become a knight. Which means I can challenge you to a duel if you offend me. Also, I get to carry a sword.

3. I am officially allowed to say “cheers” instead of “thank you”  without sounding like I’m trying too hard.

4. I become an official and much loved member of Monty Python- because I’m hilarious and English people love me.

5. My iffy English accent will automatically be considered “accurate”.

6.  I get dual-citizenship. (i.e. no more angry looks at my passport when I travel through Europe.)

7.  Pret A Manager will FINALLY open in  Austin at my behest.

8. All of my favorite UK bands will have to play gigs in Austin more often. (I’m looking at you Mumford&Sons, Florence + the Machine, and Adele)

9. BBCRadio1 will fly me to London for an interview where I will make everyone laugh so hysterically they will declare that day Girl on the Contrary Day and the whole crowd will shout Huzzah!

10. I get a crown.

So, to all my subscribers from the UK- thank you so much…I mean, cheers! I appreciate all the cross Atlantic love you are showing. Holla!

11 thoughts on “I Assume My Crown Is In The Mail…

  1. Ok, so it might look like I’m coming from the UK, but I will make your other international followers seem like your neighbours now. I’m South African (born there) and German (dad), and I grew up in China and Japan. Now I’m boring and live in an English-speaking country and have a boyfriend with a posh English accent. *sigh* My life is no longer exotic and exciting…

    1. Say what?! Your life is definitely more exotic than mine- it sounds fabulous! Thanks for following the blog- you are definitely adding some much needed international flair. Xx

  2. 🙂 Proud to be one of your English followers!

    I’m really looking forward to Girl on the Contrary Day. I assume you’ll arrange for everyone to have the day off work? Can I ask you to do it sometime after Easter so we have nice(r) weather for it?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! Of course, your wish is my command- Girl on the Contrary Day shall be sometime after Easter so that the people can rejoice in the streets without freezing to death. HEART.

  3. Craig W says:

    Aha! But does WordPress know about us who follow via RSS? I think not, Missy (the diminutive form of “Dame”). So, I contend your geopolitical analysis is insufficiently accurate if not utterly skewed. Ask your dad. He’s got my back on this.

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