Musical Revolution Week 8

Before we get to the revolution, I want to share with y’all something Grammy said yesterday. It went something like this “Stick that in your Google!”

You’re welcome.

On to the revolution!

This week, it was all about Adele. Her new album 21 was released in the USA, and it is utterly stunning. My revolution is entirely Adele centric. It’s a good week in music, folks.


I probably don’t have to say it but….. if you didn’t know about this album before I told you today, you owe me BIG TIME. What was your musical revolution this week?

9 thoughts on “Musical Revolution Week 8

  1. I agree, this album is epic.

    I chose (but need to post the youtube link) Maria Aragon’s take on Gaga’s song: Born this way. Canadian and cute and just a good singer, I have to give props!!

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