A Year In Books: Week 7

“A Year in Books” post on a Tuesday!!!??? I am really thinking outside the box this week.

I will now accept your delighted and congratulatory comments. (Curtsies gracefully)
I am America and So Can You

Last week my reading choice was “I am America (And So Can You)” by Stephen Colbert. LOVED IT. I needed the laughs and good advice very much last week and Stephen Colbert didn’t disappoint. I would like to award this book the Stephen T. Colbert Award For Literary Excellence. And I have the authority to do so because the back of the book has an entire page of award stickers and Mr. Colbert encourages me (and only me) to give this award as I see fit. And I see fit to give it to him. So there.

If you are at all interested in political satire you will like this book. Except, it might not be satire. I don’t know. I think he’s being satirical. And if I think it, it must be true. Anyway take it however you want, just make sure you laugh. I mean, I laughed a lot. Especially in the chapter about science. It was HILARIOUS. I loved every chapter though. It never failed to make me laugh, it never failed to make me think, it never failed to ease whatever worries the day brought. It never failed. It excelled. Which is why I gave this book the Stephen T. Colbert Award For Literary Excellence. I highly recommend this book. And that’s no joke.

This is one of those books that I can’t imagine would disappoint anyone. Really. No matter what your political leanings are. Unless you aren’t happy with anything and have no sense of humor. In that case, I can’t really help you but I do suggest you seek counseling immediately. I mean, Colbert even included really fun games and brain teasers. I particularly enjoyed learning that Hollywood is corrupt- I mean, WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED???? Not me. Colbert doesn’t fail to cover any part of our society- and our society needs to be covered because apparently it’s BARE NAKED. Read the book and you will understand.

Long story short, read this book. It’s so very good.

4 thoughts on “A Year In Books: Week 7

  1. I picked this book up on Thursday! lol… I have to finish my youth-be-stolen-books first though (long story short, I was one of ten people who didn’t read VC Andrew’s books whilst being a teen, so now I have garage sale’d my way to a whole set and am reading them). I just thought it was comical, that you chose to read the book I bought. heh.

  2. I need to get this book. I give this blog the seal of recommendations. I have the authority to do so because both Stephen (we are on a first name basis) and Girl on the Contrary rock. So there!

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