True Story.

True Story

When I was in the fourth grade I read the Babysitters Club book where Stacey finds out she had diabetes and by the time I finished the book I was so convinced I had diabetes that I went to my school nurse and told her so. She called my Mom. My Mom told me if I had diabetes then I would have to get shots everyday. I decided I didn’t have diabetes. True story.

One time I was ironing a shirt and the iron burned my leg very badly. I still don’t understand how it happened. True story.

I used to think that when I sang, I sounded just like Ariel in The Little Mermaid. I didn’t. True story.

I cried when I saw the preview of The Blind Side. I didn’t cry in the actual movie. True story.

I once ate an entire jar of icing while watching The Brady Bunch Episode where Davy Jones takes Marsha to a school dance. True story.

I once won a debate in a political science class by saying “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.” True story.

When I found out Torres was transferring to Chelsea FC I literally screamed out loud in my car. True story.

Most people have crushes on actors. I have crushes on journalists. True story.

I’m organizing a massive attempt to get people to say “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity” as an exclamation of joy or sorrow depending on the circumstances. So far, there’s just me but I have a lot of hope for the future. True story.

What are your true stories?

12 thoughts on “True Story.

  1. When I was a kid, I asked my mom what the button on top of their alarm clock was for and she said, “Don’t touch that! If you push it, it will explode!” I backed away, afraid to accidentally set off the bomb (apparently without wondering why anyone would have an exploding alarm clock next to their bed). True story.

    The first few times I heard that Kenny Rogers song, “Lucille,” I thought the lyrics went “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille; four hundred children and a crop in the fields…” (instead of “four hungry children”). I just kept thinking, “400 children? No wonder you’re having such a tough go of things!” True story.

  2. Once, in the middle of winter, a friend dared me to a contest. It was called: “Let’s see Who Can Keep Her Foot In The Water Longest.” There were five of us playing. I was totally winning. It came down to me and another girl who was totally shivering. I knew victory was mine. But then that girl decided that she’d had enough and got all alpha-female on me and got all the other girls to pull me out of the water so she could win. This is when I learned what the word “popular” meant, and I realized she was and I wasn’t.

    True story.

    (And it’s in my book which will, hopefully, one day land on library shelf before e-readers take over the world!)

    1. Let me know- I would love to read your book! Popular is overrated- also I bet that girl lost all feeling in her toes and they had to be amputated and now she walks all weird– so really, you ended up on the winning side of this contest.

  3. How bizarre. This reminded me of the time I burnt the back of my leg whilst ironing a shirt…I was too lazy to get the ironing board out and had a towel on the floor. Lesson learned, I had a huge blister on the back of my leg and covered it up so I wouldn’t have to explain how it got there. True story!

    1. Haha! I wore jeans everyday even though it really hurt because the burn was right above my knee because I was so embarrassed and had no idea how to explain it. Now, I hardly ever iron….

  4. Once I couldn’t manage to walk up a hill with my skiing boots, so I went through the forest on my socks. There was 40 cms of snow. – True story

    When I came to Sweden I didn’t understand the instructions on the scales for weighing fruit and veggies and was too shy to ask – I took my stuff, went to self-scan and put the fruit and veggies in my bag without scanning. – True story

    When shopping Christmas decorations close to closing time I got locked up in the toy store. The police had to come and rescue me. – True story

  5. cooper says:

    As a little kid, I looked out of the window from my bed and wished upon a star. I wished for a copy of Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler (this is ancient times). The next morning i woke up and a copy of the 45 was on my desk next to my bed. To this day I don’t know how it got there. True Story.

    When I took the girl I was dating to see Patton, she cried through the whole movie. True Story.

  6. Lol … your crazy. But hello! Thats why I read your stuff!

    Once at a potluck at work, I got my food then I fell to the floor screaming ” As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again”-True Story

    Once for a potluck I was suppose to make a breakfast item. In the morning before work I realized I burnt my breakfast that I was making for the pot luck. Right then I considered that this was sign and never showed up to work again.- True Story

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