Musical Revolution: Week 4

Week 3 was pretty lame fellow revolutionaries. Did I not mention that there might be t-shirts???

C’mon. MUSICAL REVOLUTION. That’s like, a really good idea. I’m just sayin.

With or without followers, I plan on continuing the revolution. You know, because, by definition, the only thing you really need in this revolution is music. (But I would really really like some company if you’re interested…..there might be t-shirts in case I didn’t mention it before)

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

I love this song. I love love love this song. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve always loved it but I’ve listened to it an awful lot this week. I can’t think of a reason why but I did. And I’m probably going to keep listening to it. So there.

Kings of Leon

This is one of the best songs on their new album. “I won’t ever be your cornerstone.” Such an epic line. This too, was on repeat in my car this week- and in my head.

Final week of the first month of my revolution. What was your week like musically?

9 thoughts on “Musical Revolution: Week 4

  1. Oh why not ^.^ my week was definitely full of some Frightened Rabbit; Modern Leper’s been on repeat all week) ^.^ Your revolution totally makes my week, keep it up, gurl XD

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