Musical Revolution Week 2

It’s the second week of my musical revolution. I’m thinking of having t-shirts made.

Partly because it’s been very dreary here and partly because the dreary weather has made me act like the grumpy raincloud Care-Bear, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat. It makes me smile. And dance at my desk.

Sometimes, as a woman, you just need to get your empowerment on. You know? This song does that for me. It’s a bit explicit (shame on me) but this is the clean version…Holla.

What were your songs of the week? Join the revolution people! There is no use trying to fight it. Ignore it and it will destroy you. (But not really because this is a non-violent revolution. Mostly, if you ignore it you will just feel really left out.)

11 thoughts on “Musical Revolution Week 2

  1. cooper says:

    I’m in…let me se if i can come up with a good musical revolution button. the tunage button is ok but the more i see it the less i like it….

    photoshop…fire engines…prepare for liftoff…

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