It’s that time of year (you know, the beginning) when people make resolutions. So far, in life, I have a pretty poor resolution keeping record. But, I’m pretty sure that’s because those resolutions were always about losing weight or working out. Basically, I’ve always gone with the cliche resolutions. Lame-o. So, in the interest of not being lame-o, I actually put a lot of thought into my resolutions this year. They are as follows…

1. Read one new book every week of the year. (So, like, 52) Not only does this resolution play to my strengths but I think I will get a lot out of it and hopefully learn some new things- also, I think this will really motivate my writing. Yay reading! (Take a note kids)

2. Successfully become a hip grown-up. What I mean by this, is that I want to be a grown-up but not lose any of my hipness. Or maybe what I mean is that it would be awesome if I got some hipness and also acted more like a grown-up. Wait no, what I mean is that I want to get some hipness and live like a grown-up (as opposed to acting like one). I’m still working this one out a bit.

3. I want to start a peaceful and musically driven revolution with my blog. The point of this revolution is to get everyone to think of their lives in terms of music. So, it’s a pretty cool revolution. Basically I am going to encourage everyone to add a soundtrack to their lives. As such, every Friday, I will post a song that describes my week the best (please let me know what yours are as well) and then at the end of the month I will have a post dedicated to the all the songs (yours and mine). Also, instead of weapons, we will use dance moves. And I strongly encourage you to narrate your emotions throughout the day in song. When people ask you why, please direct them to this blog. Sure, we are starting out grassroots but I really believe we can change the world. Or at least be considered like a counter-culture or cult.

So, what are your resolutions? Also, if you have a problem with making New Year’s resolutions, please take it up with the ancient Babylonians- they started it.

14 thoughts on “Resolution:2011

  1. I did the book resolution and I have a valuable tip: keep a list of the books you’ve read, especially if you purchase books. I read 67 that year- I would buy a book that looked interesting, start reading it and think CRAP I’ve read this one already! Besides- it makes a cool list.
    The music soundtrack for the week- in a word- brilliant! Reason number 6 why you should get the Nobel prize!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Sayruh says:

    You’re going to have to be careful with resolution number 2. I’m pretty sure that too many people have some ridiculous notion that they are “grown up.” Boy, you know who those people are. That’s what’s lame-o. You should resolve to never act or live “grown up!” You only need to live responsibly. 🙂

  3. I am lame-o and as default my resolution is set to lose weight. Not so much a resolution as a happenstance in time line. But I am pretty sure that this doesn’t really down grade the lam-o-ness of it all the same.

    I like your book reading resolution. If I had any intention of freeing up time, I would do that one as well. But seeing as I have book-bulimea (where I don’t read for ages, then I read like 20 books in a week) I might need to seek help.

    Musical Fridays sounds groovy! Good plan!
    That would be the dance o’joy icon 😉

  4. I envision (with dread) that my soundtrack would be 50 weeks of “Five O’Clock World” or “Dancing in the Dark” (Man, I’m just tired and bored with myself”) and 2 weeks related to some vacay destination.

    Maybe my resolution should be to get a life worthy of a decent soundtrack.

  5. I am still suffering from blogcation as well cause as I was reading your second resolution I thought : me too … as I grow up I want to keep my hip. I can’t afford any hip surgery! I then would have to get Life Alert!
    And then I thought about it again and then I was like ” ohhhh hip! Yeah, just goes to show you where I am in that poll.

  6. cooper says:

    You should join us for Musical Monday (see my latest blog post). there’s a whole gang that posts music every monday. I’ve been exposed to a bunch of new music I might not have tripped over otherwise.

    As for resolutions, I resolve to be more resolute…

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