Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. It’s A Thing.

My sister mentioned to me in passing something called Alice in Wonderland syndrome. You can imagine how excited I became. I decided right then and there that I definitely had Alice in Wonderland syndrome. Then I did some research. As it turns out Alice in Wonderland syndrome is a medical condition (not a psychological condition as I had assumed) and I don’t have it. At all. To be honest I was a little disappointed. So, I’ve been comforting myself with this all day. It’s especially appropriate because it just so happens to be my un-birthday today.

Does anyone have a name for the condition when you love all things Alice in Wonderland/Lewis Carroll and take great joy in all things nonsensical????

10 thoughts on “Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. It’s A Thing.

  1. I like to turn everything I’m addicted to or do to much of into some form of an -itis, like it’s some kind of inflamation of interest 🙂

    So my dear (adjusting my pretend doctor’s glasses), I would say what we’re dealing with here is a case of Alice-itis. Not to be confused with AliceChainitis, which is a whole other form of -itis completely.

    That’ll be $105.


      1. It really does! And it’s a good way of weeding people out- like I use it in a sentence and everyone who gets it I approve of and everyone who doesn’t get it I know to just completely ignore. This word is already giving me so much!!!

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