Accidental Breast Exams In Restaurants

My sister’s university graduation (she graduated from one of the top nursing schools in the nation) was last weekend. It was brilliant. I am so proud of her. Not because she graduated but because of what she did at her celebration lunch…..

Male cousin: Hey, what color of nail polish is that?

Sister: Grayish purple. Duh. Can’t you tell? What color is that? (Points to his shirt, pokes him)

Male cousin: Um…you just touched my nipple.

Sister: (Turns a violent shade of red) Oh my goodness.

Male cousin: Hey! She just touched my nipple!

Lots of laughter

Sister: Well, I am a nurse. Think of it as a breast exam.

Male cousin: Can you do those?

Sister: Yes. Of course.

Male Cousin: Ok, have at it.

My sister then proceeds to give my cousin a breast exam in the restaurant. Which I think means she is going to be a stellar nurse because you never know when someone may need an impromptu breast exam. My cousin laughed through the whole thing- he said it was because it was awkward but I think he’s just ticklish. What could be less awkward than an accidental breast exam? I mean, had she not accidently touched his nipple, he could have gone years without a breast exam. Who knows what would have happened then??? As it was, he was lump free- yay!!

So, I just want to take this time to say congrats to all the new nurses out there- I hope all of your careers can begin with breast exams in restaurants. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Accidental Breast Exams In Restaurants

  1. I can see the possibilities for her if private practice is on the horizon. What a time saver! No longer would one have to waste time waiting in the doctor’s office for a breast exam, just schedule one during lunch with your new fella! This is a license to print money! Sheer genius!

  2. craig78681 says:

    Do you have a transcript of the verbal observations being made by the lucky non-participating observers during this little event?

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