A Weird Thing Happened In The Bathroom

Womens Restroom Signs

I don’t know why I always end up witnessing bizarre public restroom behavior. Maybe it’s some kind of strange gift. First, it was a man in the women’s restroom and then it was the following incidents…

I walked into the restroom and a women was washing her hands. So far, everything is normal. I walked into the stall and started to close the door, as I was closing the door I noticed the women who had been washing her hands walking back into the stall next to mine. Odd, but not too odd. Then, she started flushing the toilet over and over again. So that was pretty weird. Then, I hear her spinning the toilet paper roll over and over again while continuing to flush the toilet. Über weird. Oh wait, did I mention that the entire time she was flushing the toilet and spinning the toilet paper she was talking on her cell phone loudly in another language? BIZARRE.

A few days later, I walked into the restroom and all but one of the lights are out. Hmm. Ok. I flip the switch, nothing happens, I shrug my shoulders and walk toward the stalls. Every stall had an open door. Let me repeat that- every stall had an open door. Unfortunately, not every stall was empty. Apparently, some women from some other office didn’t feel the need to shut the stall door while taking a wee. Awkward and strange. I was seriously creeped out but then I started to think that maybe she was just really afraid of the dark. I mean, it wasn’t that dark but it was sort-of dark and maybe she just couldn’t handle that. Although, I don’t know why she wouldn’t have just gone to the other restroom. So, I’ve pretty much just chosen to be creeped out by this. Even if she was afraid of the dark.

Basically, the moral of these stories is that very strange and awkward things happen to me in public restrooms. Why? I don’t know. What I would like, is for these strange experiences to stop. Because really, these incidents do creep me out. Do things like this happen to anyone else???? Or am I all alone in my creeped-out-ness?


33 thoughts on “A Weird Thing Happened In The Bathroom

  1. Once in a public restroom (I think it was at Target), I had my two year old in the stall with me. We were working on potty training at the time. She took her turn, then I sat down to take my turn. When I finished she exclaimed in a very loud voice “Mama! You went pee pee on the potty! I am so PROUD of you!” There was quite a bit of laughter from the other stalls. Now I am wondering if somewhere out there in blogland there is an entry about it. I almost wish you had been there.

  2. OpentoAdventure says:

    You certainly do have some amazing experiences in the bathroom! Part of me wants to offer you rational reasons for their behavior, but we all know how very little that contributes to hilarious conversation SO, going on your previous post relating fun facts about yourself I humbly offer you this food for thought: in a zombie apocalypse you’re already ahead of those two women. The first is way too distracted to notice a zombie creeping up on her and the second – well she leaves the door open. Nothing more to say there. You’ve scored yourself at least another hour of life thanks to those two crazies. 🙂

  3. Whoa! What restrooms are you peeing at? Austin Looney Bin Public Restroom Facilities? The first story is crazy! Maybe she was hexed or something? Or maybe she thought she was calling Bloody Mary? Did you ever hear that story? You repeat Bloody Mary’s name in the mirror and flush the toilets several times. I dont get the whole rolling of the toilet paper. Maybe she was contacting someone else.

    You need a medium with you at all times.
    I can’t see the future but I can make shit up. I want the job!

    1. You are totally hired! Also, I used to try the Bloody Mary thing all the time but I wasn’t scared I just wanted her to clear up some historical questions I had. Maybe that’s why she never appeared. I imagine she gets really sick of all the historical questions.

  4. craig78681 says:

    I have an engineer’s question about public restroom stall doors. Have you ever looked closely at the mounting hardware used to construct the stall? The screws used are a special type that can only be screwed IN. A regular, flat-blade screwdriver cannot be used to screw them back out. What exactly are they worried about?

    (I’ll wait while you run down the hall to check it out.)

  5. jackolina says:

    Bathroom awkwardness creeps me out. For example, someone who works with me doesn’t flush. Don’t know who, don’t wish to know either. It’s creepy and gross.

  6. craig78681 says:

    Of course you don’t want “these strange experiences to stop”. They are blog fodder.

    Kudos. Today’s title is “Facebook Status Update” fodder for me. It’s in the backlog and will likely be published later in the week. Maybe I will tell how I used it after the publication date. Maybe.

    1. craig78681 says:

      So, here is my Facebook status for today:

      Wanna drive traffic to your pitiful little blog? Titles like this are a must: “A Weird Thing Happened In The Bathroom”.

      1. craig78681 says:

        Not true, not true, GotC. That part was for general consumption. Your blog was used as a shining example of how those who are currently producing a sub-par product can make improve their product and gain market share.

        And as long as I’m here, what is it with “sub-par” meaning “inadequate”? If you play sub-par golf you are achieving at a very high level. But, as with many things, my annoyance with this will last only so long before I deem it unworthy of my attention.

    2. craig78681 says:

      So, a friend of mine has added “Girl on the Contrary” to her Google Reader subscription list. It all started with today’s Facebook status. She is a stay-at-home mom with a Master’s degree in Quantum Mechanics. You can read her work at:

      The Quantum Housewife

  7. cooper says:

    we have those hi-tech paper towel dispensers where you wave your dripping hand in front of it and a amount of towel too small to accomplish anything pops out. What’s unusual is that I’ve been in the men’s room by myself, either standing or sitting, and the dispenser spits out a section of towel. do poltergeists trigger those infared thingys?

    Then, of course, there was this lovely experience.

    1. Yes, poltergeists can trigger paper towel dispensers. Also, that day was truly a day from hell. How did that guy not know the water was still running in the urinal?? He must not have washed his hands. Gross. Also, kudos to you for not getting the cuffs of your pants wet. Impressive.

    2. craig78681 says:

      I’ve opened and repaired our automatic towel dispenser more than once with nothing more than the Phillips blade on my Swiss Army knife. True story.

  8. I dunno what it is about public bathrooms lately. I don’t get why a guy can’t walk the extra 2 steps to get into the men’s room. I don’t know how the cleaning staff knows to close the bathroom to get supplies just a moment before I realize I really need to go. I don’t understand why people have started having team meetings in there, or why anyone thinks the bathroom is a good place to have leisurely phone conversations, etc.

    One of the quirks of the restroom at my office is that the door of stall #2 is slightly off level. Which means, if you use that stall, you have to SLAM it shut (if you want it closed at all) and WRENCH it open (if you ever want to leave).

    It also means that if you are in stalls 1 or 3, and someone goes into stall #2, you better be attentive because when the person does the SLAM or WRENCH their door, it’s a good bet it’s going to cause your door to come ajar. And you better be paying attention, unless you want to put on a show, or have unexpected visitors.

    Who would have thought that it was *bathrooms* where we most needed such constant vigilance?

    1. I think “constant vigilance” is the perfect phrase to describe how we should approach public bathrooms! I have had this same off-level door experience myself- I’m beginning to wonder if every public restroom is built that way on purpose.

  9. sabine says:

    Weird things happen to me too.

    Once at work I was in one of the stalls and some woman came into the restroom and, realizing someone was in one of the stalls, asked aloud “Who’s in there?”. It was weird. I waited a few seconds and replied “Why?”. She didn’t answer me and went into one of the other stalls. So I finished my business and came out of my stall, and was washing my hands, and I could tell she began to, uhm, “rush” her business so she could be out of the stall faster, to see who I was. So I rushed my hand-washing process (I’m usually a thorough washer, but this time I had to rush things) and made sure I was out of the restroom before the nosy lady was out of her stall. Ha-ha, she never got to see who I was.

    Later, unrelated events proved this woman to be quite insane.

    Not as creepy as your restroom tales, but still, somewhat disturbing.

      1. sabine says:

        You might not believe this, but later after posting on here I was at a restaurant and guess what? I went into the men’s room by mistake.

        Yes. I. Did.

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