It’s My Blogging Birthday (Belated Edition)

Mad Hatter Birthday Cake


Dear completely brilliant and stunningly beautiful readers,

It’s my 1-year blogging birthday!!

Well, technically my 1-year blogging birthday was November 11. So this is belated. Nevertheless, I plan on finding a completely awesome way of celebrating. Except I can’t really think of one. Also, November 14 was my half-birthday. So, I have a lot to celebrate. Maybe I should buy a new dress. I don’t know. Does anyone know what the traditional gift is when your half-birthday and 1-year blogging birthday coincide? Also, I feel like I should do something other than spend money to celebrate so does anyone have any good celebration ideas?

Anyway, celebrating my blogging birthday and half-birthday isn’t what I’m writing you about. Although, I am writing to you about my blogging birthday. My half-birthday was just sort of a bonus. Ok. Getting to the point…….

More than anything, what I really want to do, is say thank you. Thank you to all the people who read this blog every day. Thanks for laughing with me, thanks for laughing at me, and thanks for encouraging me to keep living my life on the contrary and writing about it. I promise that I will continue being awkward, absurd, imaginative, and (hopefully) hilarious.

Thanks very much indeed.


Girl on the Contrary


12 thoughts on “It’s My Blogging Birthday (Belated Edition)

  1. happy 1/2 birthday and happy 1st year blog birthday! I read your blog everyday and as I am in South Africa, I either get it just as I am packing up to go home (a great way to end the day) or if leave a little earlier (ie on time) I get in the morning – a great way to start the day!

    For your coinciding birthdays I suggest you do something that makes you happy, like phone an old friend or play an old favourite song that you know all the words to and sing out loud and dance… or bake a cake and have a tea party celebration…. with balloons, barbie cake or anything else a 1 year old might like.

  2. Happy BLIRTHDAY to you. (Get it? I bended “blog” with “birthday.” Okay, so I’m no Sarah Palin. So kill me.

    You truly are the icing on the cake. (Now go out and get a new dress! Seriously, there are some really good sales…) 😉

  3. You make us all laugh. How could we not read you every day?

    And to celebrate, I think your gift is something borrowed or some thing blue … something old something new?
    Wait your not getting married.
    Then I think you should get yourself some silver no gold pearls!

  4. OpentoAdventure says:

    Happy belated blogging birthday! What a year it has been for you, thank you for sharing it with us! While we’re at it, happy half-birthday!

    I suggest an impromptu dance party in the public area of your choice. Definitely add some vocals at some point. The people will dig it.

    Here’s to many more years of Contrarity! (I know it’s not a real word – yet; but I think it’s way cooler than contrariness…)


  5. Happy belated blogging birthday! I think I missed mine a bit too. Now I don’t have any fashionista tips on how to celebrate, but I did a recap on the first year of my stuff. What was the most popular, the most controversial, the funnest search terms, etc… Here it is if you’re interested:

    People liked it and it gave me a nice archive to go back to for all my top first year stuff. Here’s to another great year of living contrary-wise 🙂

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