All The Blog Posts I Meant To Write


So, here we are at the end of November and I’m realizing I didn’t write all the blog posts I meant to write. Shucks. So, in an effort to appease my guilt over not giving these posts my full attention I’m combining them into one, rather pointless and non-cohesive, blog post. Just think what could have been……

Pet Peeve Day 2.5

So, I completely skipped my Pet Peeve Day post in October. Also, I kind of skipped it in November. I don’t think there is a real Pet Peeve Day- I think it’s just random days when I’m feeling particularly complainy. So, I’m not going to hold myself to writing one a month anymore. Of course, this should surprise no one as I’ve only written 2 in the year since I started this blog. Anyway, here are a few pet peeves to tide you over until I have another grouchy day.

1. People who don’t see the brilliance in occasionally mispronouncing words. Listen, sometimes it’s funny. Stop putting the DIC in Dictionary by forever correcting people who are making a hilarious joke by mispronouncing a word.

2. Pulling a hamstring. I hit the yoga mat a little too hard….I mean, I ran like 75 miles.

3. People who don’t believe I ran 75 miles.

4. Nay-sayers. Have I said this one before? I can’t recall. If I have, don’t be a nay-sayer and point it out.

Flirtation Failure: The Series

I didn’t flirt in November. No one should be surprised by that. I don’t feel as bad about not writing this post because how boring would that have been?

I spent all month writing for NaNoWriMo and all I got was 50,000 words.

Well, to be precise, I got 50,679 words. While it was nice to meet my goal, I highly doubt I have a novel. In fact, I’m pretty sure I  made up at least 1,674 of those words and that they probably don’t even count. I definitely got in a lot of writing practice which is good but I’m just not sure those 50,679 words amount to anything more than that. I spent a month writing the words and it will take me another 3 to make a novel out of them. I think I did this wrong.

Ok, Twitter. It’s starting to get personal.

Remember when Twitter was only suggesting that I follow romance writers? Yeah, well now they are peppering my suggested follows with self-proclaimed prostitutes. Seriously. It’s really starting to hurt my feelings because I can’t figure out what Twitter is trying to tell me but no matter what it is, I’m pretty sure I’m being insulted. For goodness sakes. Stop trying to send me messages through suggested follows Twitter- it’s very passive aggressive. Also, remember when a couple of lines ago I said it hurt my feelings? Well it does.


So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen the November posts that could have been. Don’t cry for them, they are in a better place now. A place with lots of other half-written blog posts where there is typing and posting and image tagging galore- and also lots of dancing and cotton candy. They’re happy now. Rest in peace blog ideas, you served me well. (But not really because you never got written- although I’m probably like 77% at fault for that)


8 thoughts on “All The Blog Posts I Meant To Write

  1. goodheavensgwendolyn says:

    Twitter is evil, because I know for a fact that it suggests me to people involved in S&M because I’ve gotten at least 4 followers with some variation of S&M or bondage in their names. WHY.

  2. Too funny! I have a pet peeve about the ads Facebook puts on my page. They are always suggesting I need to lose weight, go on online dating sites, convince my man to propose…. Leave me alone already!!
    Also, the Facebook feature where they suggest you reconnect with someone. No thank you, I’d rather not reconnect with my ex who cheated on me!! 🙂

  3. Twitter keeps pressuring me to follow Snooki. I don’t want to. But it doesn’t listen to me. I think NOW I have to follow Snooki. I am so peeved!
    I just love the word Nay-sayers. I just love it.

    Any new music???

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