I Would Sell A Kidney For This Dress.

I would sell a kidney for this dress. True story. Unfortunately, since I’ve spent so much time in Africa, no one will pay me for my kidney. In fact, I can’t even donate blood much less a major organ. So it looks like this dress is just a dream for now. Also, Fleur Delacour got married in this dress. Sigh.


Harry Potter Wedding DressThe one on the right is Alexander McQueen (swoon). I remember the first time I saw it right after it debuted on the runway- my heart exploded. The one on the left is the dress in Harry Potter, it’s not Alexander Mcqueen, in fact, many people are calling foul saying that the costume designer for Harry Potter totally ripped off the McQueen. Regardless, I love this dress. LOVE. THIS. DRESS.

And I know that I’ve never talked about fashion before and this definitely isn’t a fashion blog, but I love fashion. And I really love this dress. Anyone in the market for a gently used and well traveled kidney? I’m just sayin.

(I’m not really selling my kidney, I’m making a point. Please don’t contact me about buying my kidney. I mean, you probably knew that already. I just thought I should clarify. Because, I would feel really bad if someone who really needed a kidney bought me this dress and then I really couldn’t give them a kidney. Anyway, I’m probably not selling my kidney)

17 thoughts on “I Would Sell A Kidney For This Dress.

  1. sabine says:

    The other day a friend and I were trying to determine how much we like someone based on whether or not we’d give them a kidney. It might be a nice screening process when you go shopping: “Would I give away a kidney for these shoes? Definitely, so I’ll get them. These jeans, however, aren’t kidney material, so I’ll just put them back.”

  2. There was recently a scam in South Africa where doctors from a private hospital where buying kidneys from people under age Brazilians. And I think all the donors where getting was something like $5000 per kidney…so it’s quite possible that even if you did sell kidney that you may still not be able to afford the dress, well definitely not the shoes and bag to match.

      1. Oh my goodness. If I alone tip you every time you make me laugh, you’ll be on the cover of Forbes next week!

        I wonder what the headline would read… *blatant blog post brainstorm idea*

        I hope you get that dress – without selling anyone’s kidney. 😉

      2. Awww thanks!!! Even if I did get filthy rich off my blog tip jar for laughs, I’m pretty sure Forbes wouldn’t put me on the cover or interview me- I don’t think they could handle the absurdity of it all. 🙂

      1. Me neither. I am horribly sick and so I can see why that didnt make sense. I apologize.
        I suggested a 20 yr old cause thats usually a guys prime and he could donate sperm to the sperm bank to the less fortunate and make lots of money. You guys could split cause its your idea and his sperm. And I should have said ANY younger and you might get in trouble with the law.

        Sorry. I can’t talk sore throat and apparently I can’t think either.

  3. craig78681 says:

    I got out of the whole blood donation thing in a much simpler, more cost effective way: I simply contracted hepatitis in little ol’ Dallas. A few decades later … it’s still workin’.

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