That Mirror I Was Dancing In?? Yeah, It Was A Window.

This is a true story. I don’t know why I felt the need to preface it as a true story, I just did. You really won’t have any trouble believing this of me at all. In fact, if anything, you will be surprised it hasn’t happened before this. So it goes.

Now, we have already established that I know I’m not invisible in my car. I don’t care if people see me dancing/driving anymore. I got over that embarrassment real quick. Now I take pleasure in knowing that someone’s day was probably made at least a little bit more joyful by seeing me dance in my car. You can’t help but laugh and I was born to make people laugh even at the cost of complete humiliation to myself. If someone gets a good laugh out of it I couldn’t care less if the experience was beyond humiliating to me. I truly am saint-like in that respect.

Anyway, I was in my car and driving/dancing my heart out to Swedish House Mafia (if you like House music at all and don’t know who they are then shame on you. Shame I say!), when I pulled up to my office building. I usually park in the parking garage because that’s where people who work in the building are supposed to park but the oh-so-close to the door visitors parking was just too inviting. I’ll admit it, I parked there. When it comes to close parking, I am no saint. Anyway, the outside of the building is made completely of windows. Windows that look like mirrors from the outside. I know that they are windows. Really, I do. Except, today I forgot that. Today, I felt really sure they were mirrors. And when I pulled up to those mirrors and saw myself dancing in them I couldn’t help but bust a wicked move. And just when I was savoring my frivolity the most, I remembered that those “mirrors” were really windows, and that behind those windows was an office full of people getting the laugh of their lifetime at my dancing. Serves me right for parking in a visitor spot. And though I was extremely embarrassed, I had to take comfort in my life motto which is “Make ’em laugh.” which I am very very sure I did. You’re welcome office full of people who would have had terrible days if not for me.

On the positive side, every time I look in a mirror I will be reminded of this and probably start laughing. Which might make people around me think that I have really low self-esteem but actually it will just be because I find myself hilarious. Or maybe people will think I’m insane and that will probably make me laugh harder which will make them think I’m really insane. Now that I think about it, nothing bad can come from this experience. But I will definitely park in the garage tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “That Mirror I Was Dancing In?? Yeah, It Was A Window.

  1. Craig W says:

    I crack myself up. Wait. That’s you.

    (Just found out about this little corner of insanity from your mom tonight. I’ll be back.)

  2. Joe says:

    Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta. Some guy came around the corner and nearly knocked me down! I said “Excuse me” at the same moment he did. “He” was my reflection in a mirror at the end of the line of tasting fountains.

  3. Hey! Be happy it was just dancing I actually fixed my bra facing the mirror like windows then arranged the girls properly in place. It wasn’t until my sister said “lets hope no one is working today cause you just gave them all a freebie”

  4. Sometimes I forget everything and start busting a move at the grovery store in plain view of everyone.
    Its not my fault. They play awesome jams.
    How is everyone not dancing?!?!

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