Wordle To Your Mother.

Get it? It was a play on the saying “word to your Mother”. I learned that phrase from Vanilla Ice although I’m pretty sure he didn’t come up with it.

I digress. This post is about Wordle. Because I love it. And it reveals stuff to you, like a fortune teller, except it isn’t anything like a fortune teller. I use it for work quite a bit and for inspiration in writing all the time. I love Wordle. You should too. Because I said so. Also, because it’s brilliant.

I took all my most popular posts and copied and pasted them into the magic Wordle machine and this is what it revealed to me:

WordleAccording to Wordle, I talk about my Grammy a lot. And Wordle is correct, because there is a Grammy post coming this week as it so happens.

According to Wordle, I say “like” a lot. Touche, Wordle. Right again.

According to Wordle, I ask the question “really?” a lot. Really?

According to Wordle, I talk quite a bit about people. I do indeed and I’m glad to see that Wordle recognizes my selfless need to help people and protect them from awkward moments, flirtation failures, and men in women’s restrooms. Clearly, I am practically a living saint who uses the power of the interweb to spread her message of hope and sage advice. I never realized how good of a person I was until Wordle told me. I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s trying to say. Thanks Wordle.

According to Wordle I am only moderately concerned with all things “awkward”. You may have gotten this one wrong Wordle because I am almost entirely consumed with awkward things. My life is like a walking tour of awkward-ville. True story.

According to Wordle, I talk about Mondays quite a bit. I hate Mondays. Unless they are holidays, in which case, they are fine. I think Wordle is trying to tell me to give Mondays a chance, and also, stop talking about them because people are getting real sick of hearing about it. I appreciate Wordle’s honesty.

I’m surprised not to see the word “douche bag” in this. But then again, I didn’t use all my posts to create this, just my most popular ones. I can deduce from this that people don’t want to hear about douche-bags. Too bad guys, because I find douche bags too amusing not to write about them.

I love Wordle, I think it’s brilliant, and amusing, and completely diverting. There are lots of fonts and layouts and colors to choose from and I could literally spend all day on Wordle. Word clouds are fun. Seriously. I have found Wordle to be an absolute gem when it comes to helping me get inspired by my writing. When I’ve written quite a bit, I just copy and paste it into Wordle and see what words I’m using most. It really helps target my writing and has yet to fail in giving me a little boost in writing energy. You can also enter in any website or blog that has an RSS feed and it will create a lovely little picture of your words (although I think it only does the first page of your blog because when I did this “zombies” and “candy” were by far my largest words- which is awesome but not entirely accurate if you take the whole blog into account so I really think it just does the first page.) I encourage you, nay, I demand that you all Wordle right now!!! I really think you will like it, especially if you’re a writer or blogger or both. Or just a person who likes pretty colors.

Today’s Lesson: You should Wordle. Your Mother should Wordle. End of story.

16 thoughts on “Wordle To Your Mother.

  1. Ha, I used this as a back cover for my thesis! Actually, I had to fumble a bit with the statistics, because 1 or 2 words were so overrepresented anything else was too small to read… I am still incapable of reading them :o. They should have a voice recognition feature though, and the word cloud then would be some kind of soundmix in which the words are shouted louder depending on their prevalence. Although on second though, that would have definitely made my head explode … .
    In either case, once I’ve decided between Literature or Peace, I’ll submit your nomination next time I’m in Stockholm!

  2. I can think of other useful applications, like using it in staff meeting minutes to let the supervisor know she over uses 3 words. I am going to get much milage out this! Don’t forget to send me the invite to the EPIC party celebrating the Nobel Prize. I’ll get my minion to send in the nomination papers post haste.

  3. OpentoAdventure says:

    What a brilliant creation this is! Thanks so much yet again, you are a constant source of education, humor and help. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be submitting a nomination for your Nobel Peace Prize and Sainthood post-haste!

  4. Wow, this looks very fun and cool! I haven’t heard of Wordle (though I have heard of word clouds as of a recent episode of Weeds) but I’ll definitely check it out.

    Thanks for your selfless efforts at making the world a better place!

      1. I’ll nominate you for both, I think, though I’m astonished that you haven’t already been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!

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