As It Turns Out, I Just Needed Coffee.

coffee poster

So, yesterday, when I was deflated, it turned out that my real problem was that I hadn’t had any coffee yet. Once I got my hit of caffeine I started feeling a lot better. Or, you know, it could have been the Kings of Leon video too. It was probably both.

So, now I’m worried that I’m addicted to coffee. And Kings of Leon. Mostly, I’m just worried about the coffee because that seems like it could go way worse than a Kings of Leon addiction. Although, how crazy awesome would it be if I was like shaking on a corner begging people to listen to Kings of Leon on their iPod? If I ever see someone doing that, I will definitely let them get a Kings of Leon hit off my iPod, because, hey man, I’ve been there.

Anyway, what I’m more worried about is the coffee. And the lack of sleep. And I’m fairly certain that the coffee is to blame for my feeling deflated. But it’s also the solution to my feeling deflated. Life is complicated. I’m going to distract myself with coffee posters. And coffee. And lots more work. Yay me. (That was sarcastic)

coffee poster

coffee postercoffee poster

It’s almost Friday y’all. We can survive this week!!!! With or without coffee. But probably with it.

10 thoughts on “As It Turns Out, I Just Needed Coffee.

  1. The other day I decided to start the day off with tea instead of coffee (why, I don’t know. It seemed appropriate for some weird reason). It wasn’t until my coworkers not-so-subtly pointed out how cranky I was acting that I realized that coffee is, essentially, the only reason I make it thru the day without hurting people. I will probably never do that again, although it makes it difficult to try and cut back. Oh well. I’ve embraced my addiction… it’s kind of liberating!

  2. marlowesnymph says:

    Coffee + Kings of Leon = ❤

    If they ever invent a coffee IV to just plug right in to my veins, I'm so on board with that. Preferably Kings of Leon would serenade me through the whole ordeal because I hate needles.

    Have a good day!

  3. blisstrack says:

    If you drink lots of coffee, drink lots of water too. Coffee is diuretic, and if you get dehydrated, you could feel really bad. I learn this recently 🙂
    I hope you feel better, and I love Kings of Leon ❤

  4. Christina Adleman says:

    Well I must agree, I luvs ma coffee! Though I wouldn’t say I’m and addict. But don’t worry about it, coffee, music and Jesus make the world go round in my life, so an addiction to it can’t be too bad I shouldn’t think. As for Kings of Leon, meh. Sry… 😀

  5. There are few things that lots of coffee and a little Kings of Leon can’t cure. And good luck with the rest of the week!

    -a fellow coffee addict. 🙂

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