I Need A Sarcasm Tag


And it’s not just me. I think the world needs a sarcasm tag. Because some people, like myself, have gotten so good at sarcasm that people are having a difficult time recognizing whether or not we are being sarcastic.

Take for instance, this post, in no way were my feelings hurt by those comments. On the contrary, I thought it was hilarious. And yet, a lot of people took to defending me (which actually made me feel really good) and criticizing my friend (which made me feel bad) who I then had to apologize to because the whole thing was meant to be funny but it clearly didn’t translate well in writing. I felt terrible about it. Well, not terrible. Actually, I thought it was funny- just like his comments about me being a hopeless pitiful discount prostitute. (On another note, that post generated like, a lot of traffic….I wonder why…..) Also, the t-shirts with the phrase “discount prostitute” are forthcoming. There was a surprisingly high demand.

The point is that if I had some sort of tag for sarcasm/humor then this whole episode could have been avoided. And lately it seems that a lot of people are following my comments up with “Is that sarcasm?” and I’m like “Uh no. I’m never sarcastic.” and then they’re all “Is that sarcasm too?” and I’m all “We could do this all day and I’m busy so yes, yes that was sarcasm.” But is it effective sarcasm if I have to label it as sarcastic? I don’t know.

And yet… when you are a writer/blogger I think it might be more effective to have a sarcasm/humor tag because some people read things so literally. Not everyone is jaded by sarcasm like I am. Not everyone has such an excellent sense of humor. In fact, I might be doing the world a favor by creating a sarcasm tag because then everyone can laugh in derision with me. Or just laugh. We need more laughter. Yes, I think a sarcasm/humor tag for writing could be very beneficial to the world. I wonder if I will get a Nobel Prize for this? Maybe even two. One for literature and one for peace. Yes, that sounds about right.

What are your thoughts on a sarcasm/humor tag for blogging and writing? Also, and more importantly, what are your thoughts on me winning two Nobel Prizes? I mean, aside from jealousy.

24 thoughts on “I Need A Sarcasm Tag

  1. Honestly I don’t like these sarcasm tags, I’ve seen stuff like that on other blogs too.

    For me sarcasm is like a compatibility test – if someone don’t get my sarcasm, we’re not really clicking… It would be a shame if we give up on that secret weapon of flirting, that spear us the obligation to really flirt…

  2. sabine says:

    I’m a little late here, but I have to hear your views on this:

    Is it still sarcasm when you look like you mean what you’re saying, and the other person never knows your thoughts are exactly opposite to what you’re saying?

    Like when someone gloats about something ridiculous, such as “I haven’t missed a weekly manicure appointment in 13 months!” (I did actually hear this) and you go “Really? Wow, that’s great.” even though, obviously, you think there are at least five things wrong with that sentence/person. Is that sarcasm or just being phoney?

    Lay it on me, Girl on the Contrary.

    1. I’m afraid that’s just being phoney. I think in order for it to be sarcastic the other person has to recognize the sarcasm. I don’t think it’s truly sarcasm if only you know it’s sarcastic. Although….when you write you can’t know that the reader recognizes your sarcasm but that doesn’t make it any less sarcastic. Interesting conundrum you have brought me…. Ok. I’m switching sides. If you know you meant it sarcastically but the other person didn’t realize it then I say it’s still sarcastic and they are just dumb. That’s my final word on it. Probably.

  3. F- the nay sayers!
    I totally love sarcasm. I would be sarcastic if I didnt have to talk to kids (my kids) or bosses (hey my boss is sarcastic all the time! mother… ).
    Hilarious post. Loved this line, “wonder if I will get a Nobel Prize for this? Maybe even two. One for literature and one for peace. Yes, that sounds about right.”
    Made me spit out my tea …. in my own mouth!
    Some people just don’t get the sarcasm. Oh well, they probably drink tea with their pinkies up too!

  4. I think you are very funny, but you aren’t consistently sarcastic – plus, when you get new readers all the time who don’t get your tone or know your story…well, it doesn’t always translate unless you do things like this.

    He. Was. So Funny.

    (Read: So not funny.)

    He was a douche, but not even of the Summer’s Eve variety. He was a Generic Store Brand Douche.

    That is more overt sarcasm which works for strangers.

    So I guess I’m saying, I get your sarcasm now – but it wasn’t always apparent. And it wasn’t completely apparent in that particular bloggie, which I remember 100%.

    Writing is tough. It was still a great piece of writing whether you meant it to be sarcastic or not. But if it was important for you to be received sarcastically, you have to go more over the top.

    Please understand, I am writing as the teacher that I am. That’s why they pay me the big bucks. (*sarcasm*) 😎

  5. Nobel prize- for it! Especially since it is the perfect excuse for a party, not that I need one, I just like having excuses for one.

    Sarcasm- there are people who don’t get sarcasm? Huh…. That explains a lot

  6. That was a great post, there is definitely a need for a sarcasm tag. Unfortunately, you do have some competition in this arena:


    It seems that misunderstanding of the written word is widespread, which is why I personally hate having serious and important conversations via email or sms.

    I don’t think their mark will take off though – let’s get you on your way to your Nobel Prizes!

    1. Thanks! No way will that mark take off. It’s too kitchsy. I’m thinking more like a html tag- something a bit more subtle. I mean, I want people to know I’m being sarcastic but I don’t want to like, shout it in their faces. That’s just tacky.

  7. I remember reading that blog and it amused me. I’m fairly sure you are able to defend yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be blogging.

    As for sarcasm, I love it. (No, that wasn’t sarcasm). I find sarcastic wit very funny. I weird, I know, this has been pointed out to me on several occasions lately, I revel in it.

    It’s difficult to convey meaning in the written word. I’ve suffered from this in texts and emails. I vote for the sarcasm tag and if you do get the Nobel prizes, remember us little people.

  8. cooper says:

    some people get it, some don’t. those that do are fun, those that don’t…well…ef ’em if they can’t take a joke…

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