Girl On The Contrary And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

There is exactly one month until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 is released. To say that I’m thrilled is an understatement. I would have to classify my excitement for this event in the unhealthy and vaguely inappropriate  category. Why? Two reasons.

1. Should an adult be this excited about a childrens/young adult movie? Am I a total creepster for being so invested? I worry about this sometimes. Even though I have read all the books (like a dozen times) I still feel somehow completely out-of-place when I go see the movies because I feel like any normal and healthy person my age is on a date, or clubbing, or like, creating a social network. Shouldn’t I be doing something more age appropriate? But then I think, wait a minute, books 4-7 are progressively darker and more adult- am I the one out of place or is it the 10 years olds that should be somewhere else? And then I think, why does anyone have to be out-of-place? But let’s be honest, someone here is out-of-place and I’m a little worried that it’s me.

2. I always get excited about the movies. Always. And I’m always kind of disappointed in them. They always seem to leave out  one of my favorite parts of the books- or even leave out entire chunks of the books. And I really like accuracy in movies based on books. And I know, in the interest of time, things have to be left out, I do know that. I just always feel a bit disgruntled about it. And isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same behaviors over and over expecting a different result? Right here we have proof positive that I am insane. I keep getting really excited about the movies and each time I’m sure they will be more like the books and then they aren’t. But I really think Deathly Hallows will be like the books because they split it into two movies and that makes me think they are spending a lot more time in keeping it true to the book. See? I am insane.

Insane or not, I am still head to toes thrilled for this movie to come out. Any movies coming out that you guys are excited about? And feel free to use this post as a Harry Potter discussion- because I can never get enough of that. Oh man, I just realized that Harry Potter is my Dungeons and Dragons. Is that why I don’t have a boyfriend? It totally is. Hmmm. Self-examining leads to really unhappy conclusions.

21 thoughts on “Girl On The Contrary And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

  1. blisstrack says:

    I LOVE Harry Potter, and I have a boyfriend. So I don’t really see a connection between those two things. Don’t worry that much, you will find a man that enjoy those things at much as you, or that will accept that you like them and just be ok with that.


    1. Thanks! I was more just looking for something to blame for my single status and Harry Potter was just there. More of an innocent bystander thing than a real reason for not having a boyfriend.

      1. blisstrack says:

        You could just say men has been lately kind of misplaced and blind, and that they don’t know what’s better for them. That’s truth. And gives you an up self- steem. 🙂

  2. I’m also a big Potter fan! I have read all the books. I actually finished the Deathly Hallows within 24 hours of buying it because I NEEDED to know how it ends.

    The movies though are kinda meh. I think the actors are getting a bit too long in the tooth to play teenagers. Also, imo any moment Daniel Radcliffe is on the screen is a moment wasted. His wooden performance has not been improved by the passing of time.

    I also have a bad feeling about splitting the last movie in 2 parts. I hope you are right in that the rationale was to present a more detailed picture. I hope it wasn’t something like: 2 movies equals double the box-office revenue.

    Did you hear that Rowling might be writing another book in the series about Potter’s adult life? I guess money always wins!

    1. I know! I did hear she was writing another, although the Potternerd in me loves that she might be writing another book, I kind of wish it would have a new central character and that Harry would only play a role in the book. We’ll see. I’m keeping my hopes up for the movies although you might be right about the box-office revenue angle.

  3. You are a blogger after my own heart. I squeed when I saw the trailer for the movie of the 7th book. Well, I admit to squealing each time I see the Potter movie trailers. 😉

    <– Potternerd.

  4. OpentoAdventure says:

    Luckily I just rolled a 19 on my emotional resilience check which means that instead of getting upset about your jibe about Dungeons & Dragons, I laughed it off haughtily – HA HA HA!!

    You’re probably going to think even less of me now, but I’ve not yet read any of the Harry Potter books. I hear they’re alright.. 😉 I have seen the movies though and my friends who read the books also have your opinion about the adaptations coming up short. I like them and will definitely see the Deathly Hallows flicks.

    Get as excited as you like I say, people don’t get excited enough as “adults”. We need more of that.

    Now I’d love to stay and talk about Harry Potter for the rest of the day, but the Lord of this town has just offered me 2,000 gold pieces to take care of a witch who has recently been afflicting the townsfolk with the plague. I shall return!

    1. Hahahaha, I love this post!

      (It does, however, remind me of an episode of the Simpsons where Marge gets into Bart’s favourite MMORPG and he says to her, “It was a game I enjoyed until you Mommed all over it”).

  5. I know what you mean about being an adult and loving books written for children/young adults/tweens or whatever. Being 48, I was drawn into the Twilight Saga last year and am totally obsessed with it. I can’t tell you exactly why because I’m under no illusions that it’s not a literary work of art, and I don’t really do chick flicks/lit, but there’s just something about it that I enjoy. I tend to treat the books and the films as separate entities and try not to compare them too much.

    I’m afraid I couldn’t get into the Harry Potter books at all and enjoyed the earlier films more. I watched the Half Blood Prince but it just didn’t hold my attention the way the others did.

    Hell, if you enjoy it, what’s the harm?

  6. Christina Adleman says:

    Haha, yeah uh Harry Potter is far from something that thrills me, but I won’t get into why… but I totally do the same thing about all movies based on books. I get soooo excited about them, and about seeing all my fave scenes come to life on the big screen and then I find out the lunatics who made the movie conspired against me and left my favorite scenes out, and I’m convinced they do it on purpose… yet still I get all excited when I see that there is going to be a movie out soon based on one of my favorite books. Even though I know they will just ruin it! Take the Eragon movie for example… now that my friend was a total epic fail of a movie. Indeed. 🙂

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