Sick Sicky Sickyer

I’m sick. I might be wrong but I’m about 80% sure it’s the plague. The thing in my head that does my thinking is very mad at me and won’t let me do any of that thinking. What a jerk. So, since I can’t seem to form coherent thoughts that don’t have something to do with NyQuil I thought I would post a list of movies I like to watch when I’m sick that I’m pretty sure do as much as the medicine does to heal me.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This one is especially important to me now that I have the plague.

Alice in Wonderland. The Disney version. The copious amounts of medication make it even better.

Tammy and the Doctor. Oh, Sandra Dee. You make life seem so dreamy.

Gigi. Singing+French+Coming of Age story= help sick people heal.

The Lion King. The circle of life helps me accept my impending death by plague.

If you are sick, these movies will help you through it. Probably. When I say that I am making some assumptions about your taste in movies. Anyway, if I don’t post tomorrow it probably means the plague won. If that happens please tell everyone my last words were “So long, world. It was nice while it lasted, except when it wasn’t. You could be a real jerk sometimes. But overall I would say we had a pretty good run.” (Note: my real last words will probably be more like “Seriously? The plague?”)

15 thoughts on “Sick Sicky Sickyer

  1. Sorry to hear you caught The Plague. I’m hoping that by now “the mountains have made you well,” a favorite quote from Heidi, my sick-sacked-out-on-the-couch movie of choice.

    In the unlikely event that you really do perish, can I use some of your material. Or all of it? You know, in my book? You are waaaay funnier than I am.

    It’s hard to get signed agreements from gorked out dead people. 😉

    Feel better. STAT.

    1. Thanks! Sorry, but it looks like I will survive to tell the tale. Apparently the plague and ear infection/sinus infection have similar symptoms and it’s totally understandable that I got the two mixed up. I’m afraid you will have to live your life as awkwardly as I live mine in order to get some material for your book.

  2. blisstrack says:

    I hope you are feeling better by today 🙂 when I learn some pharmacy stuff, I promise to recommend you something 🙂

  3. Okay, seriously? The Plague? Because it’s been two days, so you told us to assume your demise after one. I guess you had the whole neurotic thing right. Also, if the plague isn’t what killed you it might have been all the Gigi watching.

    If you aren’t dead, and let’s hope cause you are one of my favorite Texans I’ve never met, maybe you should write a Contrary Girl last will and testament. That’s a good thing to get done, especially after a close call. Unless you really are dead in which case sorry life was a jerk.

    1. “I’m not dead yet!” (In my best Monty Python imitation)
      But boy, how bad would you feel if I really were?
      Also, great idea about writing a last will and testament- that is definitely going into the blog queue with a nice little nod to you.

  4. The good news is that you can be 100% sure that you’re not a spinster with cats. Otherwise, the cats would have killed the rats that have gone and given you the plague.

    Hurray for the plague! – but get better soon!

  5. cooper says:

    while sick the past two days i watched several MPFC episodes, The General (Buster Keaton), and slept thru most of some old piece of junk with a bunch of actors i didn’t know.

    my ususal ‘sick’ faves are: The Philadelphia Story, A Night at The Opera, old Simpson’s episodes and Life of Brian.

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