Austin City Limits Recap



Austin City Limits ACL
Brent Humphreys took this picture.


Oh, ACL. How happy I am when you are here and how sad I am when you’re over.

What I loved.

The Temper Trap. My first show on Saturday and it was a good one. They did start out a bit mellow for my taste but then they busted out with music that had me in a dancing/singing frenzy. Also, when they played Sweet Disposition I totally felt like I was in 500 Days of Summer because I just got a very Zooey Deschanel haircut, except I didn’t have a “Tom”, although what I did have was an awesome solo dance party that I’m pretty sure made everyone around me jealous.  So glad I caught their show.

The kindergarten aged kids I saw completely ROCKING OUT. It was a truly beautiful thing to witness.

The Aussie delegation. I love all the internationals who come out for ACL but the Aussies are a complete blast. And so friendly.

The Kiwi delegation. People from New Zealand know how to go BANANAS in the best way. And so friendly.

All of the tattoo art. Seriously, some people have impressively artistic tats.

Gogol Bordello. I had heard of them but had never actually heard any of their music. Suffice it to say I was a maniac on the impromptu dance floor- and I was dancing like I’d  never danced before.

Matt and Kim. Such a happy surprise. They were completely new to me and I loved their set. Oh yeah, and I danced a lot.

Free shuttle buses. Thank you Capital Metro.

The food. It was like Haute Festival Cuisine. And it was delicious. And all Austin originals.

Happy People. You are surrounded by thousands and thousands of really happy music-loving people. And it’s glorious.

Tom’s shoes. Basically everyone at ACL had a pair of these on. It was rad. And think of all the little ones getting shoes around the world. (Warm and fuzzies)

Shining sun, picnic blanket, Kurt Vonnegut. In between shows I would lay out on my blanket and read some Kurt V. It just felt so right.

That one guy in body glitter who is either having standing spasms or dancing like there is no tomorrow. He makes me happy.

THE FLAMING LIPS. Seriously. Epic epicness. In the top 5 of best shows I have ever seen at ACL. It’s like, space bubble, streamers, gongs, dancing orange people, dancing me, dancing everyone, bright colors, beautiful night. EPIC.

M.I.A. The girl puts on a stellar show. I went completely mental and raved it up in a major way. She even came out into the crowd. Also, some guy broke open glow-sticks and flung glow-stick juice all over the place and at first I was annoyed and then it looked so awesome that I didn’t care. Although, in retrospect, someone could have gotten that in their eye. Way to think about safety glow-stick guy.

Hot guys. Lots and lots of hot guys. But it also made me think- where do all of you hide??! You can’t all be from out of town- some of you must live here. I need to know where you hang out so I can go there and then not talk to you because I’m afraid.

What I Didn’t Love.

Inappropriate PDAs. Listen- I didn’t come to ACL to watch porn. Please keep your sexy time to yourselves. That is what bedrooms, hotel rooms, and backseats are for.

Being Alone. On Saturday I was completely solo and although I had moments of feeling really empowered, overall I was just kind of lonely. Sunday I was with a bunch of people though and that was a blast. Not that I didn’t have a brilliant time on Saturday- the music saw me through-  I just felt a little less pathetic on Sunday.

High Heels. Seriously? Who wears 6 inch heels to an outdoor music festival. Not only does that make you lame, it also makes you hurt, because there is no way that was comfortable.

Renaissance Fair attire. Hey man, I love a good Renaissance Fair but this is ACL not Ye Olde Music Fest. Also, your costumes are historically inaccurate.

Hot Girls. Hello body issues! Nice to see you again. Diet plan commence.

What I Regret.

Not seeing DeadMau5. I hate it when ACL schedules two bands I really want to see at the same time. Tough choices have to be made but I really wish I could have been two places at once. I heard DeadMau5 was MENTAL. Only regret.

11 thoughts on “Austin City Limits Recap

  1. OpentoAdventure says:

    I’ve been to too few music festivals in my time, ACL sounds like a real winner! I’m glad to see that it was such a brilliant weekend for you, it definitely sounds like a must-do at least once in a lifetime. 🙂

      1. OpentoAdventure says:

        Impossible or not, I for one will put it on my list to do as often as humanly possible at the very least. I’ll endeavor to be part of the next Aussie contingent in attendance.

  2. Agreed with the high heels dealio!
    There were some prostitute lookin chicks at a Bob Dylan concert this summer and I was like HELLO it’s outside and it’s like 20 degrees out here and you’re wearing stiletos. For shame.

  3. Glad you liked Gogol Bordello, on of my favourite bands. They played in Glasgow not too long ago, and it was truly awesome.

    I love live music and always wanted to check out ACL.

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