This is the kind of happy I am talking about.


If you don’t read The Bloggess then you are probably too busy being a huge loser who nobody likes. Oh wait, switch that and reverse it- I’m the huge loser who nobody likes which is why I have so much time to read The Bloggess– you on the other hand, are probably very well liked and super popular. Anyway, the point of that is that you should read The Bloggess. Because I said so. Which is like, the best reason I ever. Also, it was the only reason I could think of right now since I am high on benedryl and what I suspect is a roofie laced tea from the sometimes sketchy girl who makes my tea, aka me.

Back to me. Wait, no, back to her. So, The Bloggess has had a rough six months. But instead of hating life and becoming a mess of depression, pills, cocaine, rehab, drunk driving, rehab, court, court, cocaine, court, alcohol, scram bracelet, court, “lost” passport in Paris, missed court date, cocaine, scram bracelet, jail, rehab, cocaine, jail, and rehab, she decided to give her last six months the finger by choosing to be #FURIOUSLYHAPPY. Bravo!

So, my last month or so has also not been as joyous as one might hope. Nothing tragic or monumental has happened. It’s just been a string of whatevers followed by this sucks and ending with what’s the point? And yesterday, I was feeling particularly like “My life is meaningless and these jeans make me look fat”  but then I read this and I thought “You know what, yes! Yes, I choose to be happy, and not just like care bears happy, I choose to be ferociously happy, like a Mama Bear when it defends it’s cub by killing a puma (I don’t know if this actually happens in nature), or like a killer whale after it eats a great white shark (this definitely happens in nature, because I saw it on the Discovery channel).”

And yes, sometimes life sucks and we have to deal with it. But we also get to decide how we continue on from those times when life sucks. And I love to be the boss of myself and I choose to continue on happily.

And you know something else? Most of my life I have been incredibly happy. Seriously. Like, a really happy girl. So people and circumstances don’t get to make me not be happy. They don’t get to decide. I do. And now I’m feeling really mad at those situations for trying to make me feel like “my life is meaningless and these jeans make me look fat” and succeeding at it. But they didn’t succeed for long, because The Bloggess came to my rescue. Like wonder woman- only more snarky and less half-naked. So now I’m determined to be #FURIOUSLYHAPPY and I think you should be too. Unless you are already just plain old happy in which case I expect you are probably covered. Although I’m pretty sure #FURIOUSLYHAPPY is way more fun than plain old happy because there is a level of craziness in it that just can’t be found in plain old happy. Also, someday you can tell your grandchildren that you were part of the #FURIOUSLYHAPPY movement and they will both fear and revere you. This is what people call a “win-win” only, I call it “win-win-wine” because, you know, of all the wine.

6 thoughts on “#FURIOUSLYHAPPY It’s A Movement

  1. OpentoAdventure says:

    There’s so much to say that I have to put it bullet points to stop myself from writing for the whole weekend. I have a housewarming to host tonight, it would be a bit rude if I just wrote and wrote.. So:

    1. Neither you nor Marina fall into the loser category. I know you already know this, for some reason I can never hear someone say that about themselves without calling them out;
    2. Animal = The Shiz. He’s been my totem since childhood. Excellent work matching him with #3!
    3. Furious happiness totally wines. Yep, I meant wines. It’s not a typo. You know what I mean. 🙂
    4. Thank you so much for posting this. I really needed to read this this morning.

    Carry on, Alice. For all our sakes. 🙂

    1. I, too, am #FURIOUSLYHAPPY!
      1. I do not have any papers to grade this weekend. Which makes it a Wheeeeeeeee-kend! 🙂

      2. My husband and my child are out of the house, so I actually have time to visit my favorite bloggers. Yes, you are one of those, silly!

      3. The weather looks like it is going to be agreeable for the next few days, so I am #FURIOUSLYHAPPY about that. And while I don’t drink beer or wine, I’ll drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale to THAT!

      PS: I agree with you whole-heardedly that lists should always have at least 3 items. Otherwise, what’s the point?


  2. marinasleeps says:

    Hell yeah. I love the Bloggess so I am up there with ya on the loser pole. Or maybe we are so cool we blow peoples minds? Eh? Eh?

    Either way fist pump for the movement!

    I was sooo #FURIOUSLYHAPPY waking up at the butt crack of dawn!
    I will be so #FURIOUSLYHAPPY when I douse my pain with Baileys later on tonight.
    Someone hold me for I am so #FURIOUSLYHAPPY!

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