Best Compliment Ever

Alice in WonderlandLast week, I received the absolute best compliment I could ever receive- a friend of mine told me that I reminded him of “Alice”. Now, if you know me there is only one Alice in my life, and she visited a place called Wonderland and was created by Lewis Carroll. Before I got too excited, I made sure he meant my Alice and he told me he did. At that point I pretty much just blissed  out because it’s basically the nicest thing you could ever say to me.

So, now I’m thinking about compliments because in general I’m not too good at receiving them (they make me uncomfortable) but this made me feel so unbelievably happy. Which is silly, I know, but it did. So now I’m thinking- wait, is this what I’ve been missing all these years? Compliments are wonderful! But then I think about other compliments I’ve received and those didn’t make me happy, they just made me feel more awkward than usual. So, I guess it’s just certain types of compliments. It probably makes sense that only strange and obscure compliments would make me happy.

Anyway, I’m thinking about compliments and I’m wondering what other people consider to be the best compliment they ever received. And I’m thinking about writing a blog about what I discover. So- what was the best compliment you ever received?

Also, sorry this post isn’t funny. I’m in a curious mood. Curiouser and curiouser. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Best Compliment Ever

  1. My best compliment:

    I like [Sparrowgrass]. She’s idiosyncratic. You don’t realise how strange she is when you first meet her.

    I know that wouldn’t do it for a lot of people but it delighted me!

  2. everybody loves compliments, who don´t? As a man we receive compliments, too. I am a teacher and someone told me once that I am so creative that I could do anything I wish in my life, what is something I already know, I am aware of that and I appreciated it, but then she added that the people who meet me should be considered lucky because there is something about me that can change anyone´s life. so this is my contribution. it´s the first time I leave a comment. but I love your blog.

    take care

  3. Rosanne de Castro says:

    I wish someone told me that I reminded them of Alice, that would be the best. Unfortunately I often get called ‘Dory’ as in from Finding Nemo…

    I would say my best compliment was being called ‘Salt of the Earth Child’ that was a goodie!

  4. That’s awesome, because I am pretty obsessed with Alice in wonderland myself and people tell me I remind them of her too! 🙂 I think it’s my hair…
    I was Alice for Halloween last year.
    Anyway, best compliment. 🙂

      1. Well, someone said I was way too optimistic, which they meant as an insult, but I definitely took it as a compliment because I would rather be optimistic (mostly) than be sad and grumpy.

  5. I think it HAS to be that I’m a cool mum! How dull is that? As far as compliments go though, I totally understand what you mean. I get uncomfortable as well. I’m pretty sure there’s some pyschological reason that relates to my weird mother behind it all but that’s another long and boring story.

    My daughter calls me ‘crazy dog lady’…that’s a compliment!

    1. Haha! “Crazy dog lady” your daughter sounds like a blast. Also, I don’t think “cool mum” being the best compliment is boring at all- trust me, there are lots of very uncool mums out there, the cool ones are few and far between.

  6. Okay, that’s what I get for commenting on my phone – accidentally publishing my comment too early! Anyway, suffice it to say, Buffy = awesome. Though, now that I’m thinking about it I *hope* she was talking about B’s snarky and fierce girliness and not her penchant for dating tall, brooding, exotic men who eventually turn out to be soul-sucking deamons. Either way, probably appropriate.

    1. Love that compliment! I can see the Buffy comparison! I never really thought about it before but you definitely rock the fierce girliness. Also, not every guy she dated was a soul-sucker, in fact, two of them had souls, they just also had a deep-seeded thirst for blood. I think you could overcome that little obstacle.

  7. Great blog topic! It’s such an insight to see what compliments other people value. Also, you are totally Alice. I can so see it.

    My favorite compliment is actually in the same vein. One of my college friends, whom I had recently hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called me after watching way too many episodes one weekend and insisted that Buffy and I were scarily alike.

  8. marinasleeps says:

    Someone told me I was eccentric.
    I was drunk at the time. Hey I remembered it so I took that in itself as a compliment.

      1. marinasleeps says:

        But your compliment surpasses all. Alice! You are quite the character.

  9. Megan says:

    I have a peripheral friend who compliments my nail color every time I see her. It’s getting a little inauthentic.

    I really like when someone compliments you about something not appearance-related. Like when it’s about something that you don’t necessarily see in yourself and when someone else sees it it makes you see yourself differently!

    When I left a job last year, I got a card with really nice notes from coworkers, specifically my boss, telling me she’d always thought I was a great worker, but was very impressed with how professional I had been in the last few weeks. That one stuck with me.

    1. Yeah- I think what has always made me uncomfortable with compliments is the seemingly insincerity of them whether intended or not.

      I love your best compliment ever! The things people say about our character are always the ones that stick with us it seems.

      Thanks for reading!!!

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