Most Romantic Moment Involving A Segway Ever.

Security Guard on a Segway
Is there anything more glorious?

I was witness to one of the most romantic moments involving a segway ever. As I was walking out of the office I saw a couple making-out in the middle of the sidewalk , usually, this annoys me and makes me want to run at them screaming obscenities. However, today was different. Today, not only did I witness a couple making-out, I witnessed a couple making-out while a Hoobastank song was playing. Not just any Hoobastank song- it was The Reason. Now, I’m no expert on romance but I’m pretty sure this qualifies as romantic. Sidewalk+Hoobastank= Making-Out. This is a classic romantic equation. Just when I was pondering on the moment and how I might have stumbled into an alternate universe where every moment is like the end of a romantic movie and also hoping I would run into Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal and that they would say something like “You’re the one, Girl on the Contrary. I was too stupid to realize it before but I know it now and I want to be with you.” and then I would be like ” You had me at “you’re”.” And then we would start making-out to Hoobastank- ok….I might have gotten a little lost in the daydream. Back to reality. Just when I was pondering on how romantic this moment was (for the couple making-out) a security guard on a SEGWAY zoomed past them at full speed. And that’s when I realized that the universe loves me and wants me to be happy. The startled couple broke their embrace and moved on but I will never forget the moment a segway made me feel like the universe was conspiring to bring joy to my life. Thank you universe.

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