Recession Love

Recession Love

A good friend of mine said something to me that really got me thinking. He said “If no one can even find a job right now, how the hell do any of us expect to find love???” And you know what? He’s right.  The recession is totally sucking up the love. Think about it…

You go to a bookstore to meet a snuggly nerdy bookworm but guess what? They aren’t there. Because they can’t afford books.

You go to a bar to meet the drunken frat boys/bar skanks you can’t get enough of. They aren’t there. Because they can’t afford drinks. (and maybe this is a good thing….)

You go to the Mac store to meet an iPerson like yourself. They aren’t there. Because they definitely can’t afford a new Mac.

You go to Whole Foods to meet the sensitive animal lover. But again, they aren’t there. They shop at Wal-Mart now because Whole Foods is too expensive.

WHERE DO YOU MEET PEOPLE IN A RECESSION? I can’t imagine the welfare line is romance-inducing. There isn’t anybody anywhere to meet. Everyone is trying to save money and it is completely screwing cupid over. Love stocks are at an all-time low. And even if you do meet someone, they are hesitant to commit because they have no idea if they might have  to move across the country to keep their job, or be able to afford the gas to get to your apartment, or be able to pay for that slice of pizza on your first date. And even though in the best of times no one can say for sure what’s going to happen, it’s even worse when it’s a recession because you can’t take anything for granted. And that scares people. And usually when people are scared, like in a war, love totally takes over and everybody gets married and makes lots of babies, but it’s not like that in a recession. In a recession, when people get scared, they hide in caves and hibernate until the financial forecast looks less intimidating. And trust me, when you’re hiding, it’s really hard to meet people.

Love stocks are down

So, not only is the recession killing people financially, it’s killing love too. And I for one, really think cupid needs to step-up his game and not let this douche bag recession keep him down. I mean, come on cupid! You can’t let this defeat you. Because there are lots of people out there who need your match-making skills. They want love man. Give the people the love they need. Even though it’s harder, even though it will take a lot of creative thinking on your part, I know you can do it. I know you can help people  find love, even in a recession. So get your booty out there and start making magic happen! Also, if you could, I would really like a nerdy bookworm with a heart of gold and killer sense of humor. 🙂

Important lessons to learn from this post.

1. It’s hard to find love during a recession.

2. Cupid needs to work harder.

3. Cupid reads my blog.

4. I would like a nerdy bookworm with a heart of gold and a killer sense of humor. (I’m just sayin…..)

19 thoughts on “Recession Love

  1. I am another advocate for online dating, that’s where I met my nerdy bookworm, and next month is our first anniversary.

    I would never have said this before I met Sarge, or if I did I might have told myself to shut the hell up, but sometimes cupid needs a nudge.

    And thank you for your comment on my recent post! I love your writing, so I’m glad to know you read me!

  2. cupid reads ur blog lol…. good one girl u totally see things on the otherside love it (fortunately iam in india and recession aint that bad here) so more love 😀

    PS : i tried writing being inspired by your posts do try and read it called Devaluator

  3. These are tough times, but you should still go to bookshops anyway. Of course there’s a risk that he won’t be there, but he might also still go just to browse.

    Serendipity will be around, don’t worry about that.


  4. So buy a glove stick it in a book and walk by serendipity give it to random passing hot guy. Or let your bloggers start fixing you up… I know a guy. Who knows, I might be Cupid!

  5. cooper says:

    even laundormats and car washes have lost their serendipitous romance penache. maybe the best thing to do is hang around washington d.c. protest marches as more and more people show up there…just for something free to do…

    1. Good idea! I’m actually thinking about going to the John Stewart/Steven Colbert rally in October, maybe I will meet someone there….or maybe it’s best if I just wait until the recession is over……

  6. marinasleeps says:

    Hmm maybe the recession has hit the area of where Cupid lives. Think about it. No money no magic love poisoned arrows to poke people with.

    Crap now I am scared for Santa. What if he lost weight? Then technically he can’t be Santa. He probably would have to let everyone go including the elves and reindeer. I mean who is hiring elves and reindeer these days? No one!
    This is just cycling itself to a whole holiday disaster!

  7. Great place to find a partner during a recession – free online dating sites! The Plenty Of Fish and OKCupids of the world are perfect to find men with no jobs and no money. Or maybe a great guy who has a job but is being frugal…

    And for the record, as of today, the recession is over! Yippee! Back to dating?!!

      1. Ahh, serendipity. Great movie (if you are into chick flicks) and great concept to aspire to … but if you are a total pessimist like me, you think that it will never happen for you so you gotta take matters in your own hands. I laugh in the face of fate and boo people who tell me that everything happens for a reason or that I will meet someone when I least expect it. They may all be right, but I’m just not at a place where I believe it. So, online dating is perfect for me!

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