Dinosaurs Scare Me. So Do Aliens.

I'm going to kill you!!! RRRROOOOAAAARRRRR.

Listen, I know it doesn’t make sense. I know that it is ridiculous. I know that dinosaurs are extinct. I’m still scared. I find them to be very frightening and evil creatures- even the nice plant eating ones. I think it all boils down to seeing Jurassic Park at too young an age. That was not smart. To this day I can’t watch that entire movie. I’ve tried. I always have to run away at the part where that little cute looking dinosaur spits poison in that guy’s face and then eats him. I have nightmares about it. Also, raptors are scary intelligent- they hunt you because they like the way people taste, and I don’t care how embarrassing that is, it scares me to death. I don’t even like watching the Discovery channel shows that talk about dinosaurs. Really, this is all Steven Spielbergs fault. Probably. Unless I was just born with this fear but didn’t realize I had it until I saw Jurassic Park. I mean, dinosaurs don’t exist anymore- I have nothing to fear. Right? But what if someone really is trying to use old mosquitos to bring dinosaurs back? And then we all have to fight to survive because they take over the world. That’s pretty terrifying. You should be terrified. Maybe I’m the only one thinking clearly here.

cute alien
You should be afraid of this!

Also, I think aliens are scary. For this I blame the movie Signs. I don’t remember ever fearing aliens before this movie so it must be at fault. And yes, I know everyone tells me that this movie is not that good, and that really I should be more afraid of Mel Gibson, and logically I see that but the aliens in that movie scare me to death. And then I saw War of the Worlds and I know I should be more afraid of Tom Cruise than those aliens but they are scary. They wanted to harvest us and drink our blood and not in the sexy vampire way, it was more in the yum yum blood is good for aliens to eat and they wanted to kill all the babies and old people and does no one else see why this is scary??? Am I alone in this? And, if I am all alone in this, I’m sure that’s what the aliens want because then no one takes me seriously and it’s all the more easy for them to come to earth and DRINK OUR BLOOD. I’m just saying. And yes, they might not even exist but no one knows for sure so I think it’s best if we are all on our guard. This is serious.

The bizarre nature of my fears is not lost on me. You should know that the logical and rarely listened to part of my brain knows these fears are very silly. Unfortunately for the logical side of my brain, the imaginative and far louder side of my brain usually wins these battles. Also, if I really think about it, the lesson in all of this is I probably shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies because they seem to be the common denominator here. But, I’ll probably keep seeing them and adding to my list of irrational and absurd fears. Like maybe I’ll be afraid of pirates soon, except they still exist. Oh my gosh. Pirates still exist, only now instead of swords they use machine guns. Ok- I am officially scared of pirates. I think I should stop thinking now……

11 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Scare Me. So Do Aliens.

  1. OpentoAdventure says:

    I’ve always been a fan of dinosaurs myself. No doubt it’s the boy in me. Aliens however, make me nervous. If you haven’t seen Communion (starring Christopher Walken) then by all means never ever watch it. It had me waking up and peering into the dark corners of my rooms for two weeks.

  2. marinasleeps says:

    Ok … then do not. I repeat do not see the fourth kind. I needed to sleep with the lights on for a week cause I thought aliens might come!!!!

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