Starving Children Jokes Cross the Line.

Crossing the Line
This rock and I have a lot in common.

Who knew I had a line? Not me.

So, I’m writing some posts and just sort of spouting off and not editing myself (not that I ever edit myself because trust me, I don’t). When I read back over what I had just written and it was something along these lines, “maybe, if you read my blog, you are feeding a starving child.” And as I read that and realized that I had actually written it- I thought “Ok contrary one, starving children jokes cross the line.” and then I thought in response to that, “Wait, I have a line???”  I mean, I never say things that really offend people (like discriminatory things) but I have often been heard saying things that one might think of as “off-color” you know, like things that aren’t offensive but are nonetheless inappropriate or cringe-worthy. Occasionally things that have been referred to as “harsh” but boy oh boy when I read what I wrote about starving children- I had to step back and re-evaluate my life.

I’m not going to blog about what I found when I re-evaluated my life because I don’t want to freak you out. I mean, usually I’m not worried about whether or not you’re freaked out- but the new Girl on the Contrary is very worried about freaking you out. Because I freaked myself out a little bit. There is a lot of crazy stuff in this head of mine. You only get a small dose of it. Oops, I may have just freaked you out. Ok- the new new Girl on the Contrary is going to try really hard not to freak you out. Probably. Although my trying hard might mean I will try hard until I forget about it. Which might be tomorrow. Or sooner. Sorry.

So, just so we are clear. Starving children jokes absolutely cross the line. Please make a note of that. Because reading this blog does not feed any children. It doesn’t even feed me.

10 thoughts on “Starving Children Jokes Cross the Line.

  1. Ghetto_Philosopher says:

    I know you’re not writing this blog for me. I know you are doing it for you and that you want to get as many eyeballs on your page as possible. However, I block that out since I enjoy reading your blog. Having said that, I think it’s time you freaked us out a little. Adds spice to things and takes your blog in a dangerous direction. That’s a good thing. I like danger. I make starving children jokes. I’m originally from Africa and moved here ten years ago so I usually have a different spin on the jokes but I do them anyway. I want people to have those children on their minds. So you should too.

  2. marinasleeps says:

    I really want the old girl on the contrary back. I mean starving children .. ok that is a problem. But what about long lines at the bank. Now that is something to be angry about.

  3. cooper says:

    self-censorship is not necessary. feel free to freak us out (I gues I should say “me” instaed of “us”)

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