That Time The Guy Sitting Next To Me On A Plane Took His Pants Off.

This airplane is full of people with their pants off. Probably.

This is a story I had forgotten about until today. I don’t know why I suddenly thought of it. I promise I wasn’t thinking about guys taking their pants off. At least not until I thought about the guy who sat next to me on a plane and took his pants off.

When I was 23, I sort of ran away to Uganda for a few months to figure my life out. I knew this journey required a lot of long flights and time in airports. I prepared myself for a couple days of long and boring flights. As it turned out, my last flight wasn’t boring at all. I was sitting next to a nice guy with long dreadlocks and a very pleasant smile. We struck up a conversation pretty early in the flight and I really enjoyed talking to him. He definitely had some interesting stories. About midway through the flight, we were brought our dinners (although by that time I had no idea what time it was or if I should be eating dinner or breakfast) and stopped talking to eat. After dinner I was preparing to put on my eye mask and hopefully fall asleep for the rest of the flight when I noticed the nice guy sitting next to me starting to unbutton his pants. Well, I was speechless. I couldn’t possibly imagine what this guy was doing. I really began to panic when he pulled his pants down to his thighs. I was frozen in place, not sure what the appropriate response to this should be. I didn’t want to look but I really couldn’t look away. Then he pulled out a needle from his backpack. Aha! I realized he was diabetic and was giving himself an insulin shot (actually, if I’m being honest, my first thought was heroin but that seemed a little unlikely). At first, I felt somehow more comfortable with what was going on in the seat next to me. But then, I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t take his insulin and go the the bathroom to give himself a shot? Why was he choosing to take his pants off in the middle of an airplane while sitting next to a very unsettled girl(me)?

Alas, I will never know the answers to these questions because I just couldn’t bring myself to ask them. I mean, I didn’t want it to get more awkward than it already was and I’m pretty sure that  no matter what I said I would have handled it the wrong way. Anyone else have a strange airplane story??? (It’s going to be hard to beat the guy who took his pants off though…..)

15 thoughts on “That Time The Guy Sitting Next To Me On A Plane Took His Pants Off.

  1. This is really funny to me. As a diabetic, I regularly take pleasure in the looks people used to give me when I pulled out the whole needle thing to inject (I use a pump now, so no more fun times). But I have to say, I’ve never yanked down my pants to do this…I usually inject in the gut. Still…really funny. Wish I had some funny air stories to share, but alas…I travel very rarely by plane.

  2. […] funniest headlines ever from my new favorite blogger Girl On The Contrary.  The piece is called That Time The Guy Sitting Next To Me On A Plane Took His Pants Off.  I dare you not to read after a title like that.  The short version comes down to insulin, but […]

  3. Had a red eye flight from Phoenix to Boston and it was the day the last Harry Potter book came out and everybody was sleeping except for the little kid behind me…and me of course. I hadn’t read Harry Potter so I couldn’t imagine he’d be more important than sleep..I would have traded a silent girl with a light over my head for a big woman with a pizza and she could have taken her pants down too as long as I got to sleep.

    1. Haha! I have to be honest- it wasn’t a SAS flight- it was actually a Belgian air flight but I couldn’t find a good picture…..I bet those SAS flights are full of people with their pants off though…..

  4. A co-worker of mine tells of the time he and another guy – both a bit large – were sitting at the back of the plane, with the only empty seat between them. Down the aisle comes a large woman with a pizza box. Nowhere to sit but between these two guys.

    As she squeezed in between them, my co-worker asked her if she planned to eat that pizza. When she said yes, he told her she couldn’t do that.

    “And why not” she asked.

    “Because,” he said “if you eat that pizza, we won’t all three be able to fit in these seats – we can barely fit in here now.” And he would not let her eat the pizza!!

  5. liopito says:

    I have one. my dad, sister, and me were on this 6h flight and we were really tired. So were other people. a GROWN man took out a teddy bear, bunny slippers, and went to sleep. he also started sucking his thumb…… idk if this storys right but it was my little sisters point of view cuz i was sleeping… 🙂 😛

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