Twitter Wants Me to Follow Twitter on Twitter.


I’m just going to say/write it again so everyone understands the enormity of the situation- Twitter wants me to follow Twitter on Twitter. So the request would read “follow Twitter on Twitter”. Anyone else’s mind being blown by this?? Seriously? I mean, if I’m using Twitter doesn’t that pretty much mean I’m partaking in the Twitter experience enough? Apparently not. They want more. They want you to follow them on their own website. I feel like if I said this 3 times in a mirror and then turned around 3 times a bloody social media executive would appear and murder me.

What’s next? Follow Twitter on Twitter while Tweeting about Twitter? Yes, apparently that is the next step because I searched it and a LOT of people who follow Twitter on Twitter tweet about Twitter. Say that 5 times fast (Twitter Twitter Tweet Twitter), actually, for all you actors out there this is probably a good vocal warm-up. You’re welcome.

I just don’t know if I can get behind Twitter that much. Wait, can you Facebook friend Facebook? I don’t know the answer to that but I would like to if anyone else does. I wonder if you get sucked into some type of vortex when you follow Twitter on Twitter or Facebook friend Facebook. It seems like that has to happen- like you have to be sucked into a vortex or black hole. Scientifically that would make sense.

See, now I’m in a dilemma because originally I thought “no way am I following Twitter on Twitter” but now that I’m pretty sure you get transported to an alternate universe or something I might want to. It’s a tough call. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll stay in this reality (I mean as much as I am ever in this reality) because I really wouldn’t know how to prepare for the alternate universe/vortex and I don’t want to go into it unprepared. Sorry Twitter. You lose this time.

16 thoughts on “Twitter Wants Me to Follow Twitter on Twitter.

  1. marinasleeps says:

    Freakin hilarious girl … Twitter is obviously playing mind games and you were smart enough to catch it. Who knows the endless, dark vortex you would be in. Thats scary. So

    Girl on the Contrary 1
    Twitter 0

  2. I’m not sure about this, but I think if you follow Twitter with Twitter on Twitter, that would be like matter and anti-matter colliding, and it would destroy the universe or at least break the Internet.

    1. Good point. Note to self (and anyone who might be reading) DO NOT FOLLOW TWITTER ON TWITTER at the risk of destroying the universe or breaking the internet (which actually might destroy the universe as well…) Thanks! You saved a lot of lives today!

  3. “Wait, can you Facebook friend Facebook?” OMG, when they do it you’ll have something to laugh 😀 As far as I can remember, you’ve always had the founder of myspace as a friend or so…
    I myself don’t really get Twitter yet anyway and I’m definitely not following Twitter on Twitter either 😉

  4. So, if you follow Twitter on Twitter, would you be following Twitter following Twitter on Twitter? And would you then be following Twitter following Twitter following Twitter on Twitter? And would you… well, I think you see where I’m going with this.

    It seems like when you hold a mirror up to another mirror and see the reflection of the reflection of the reflection…

    Wow, a puff of smoke just came out of my ears.

  5. I just checked and I’m pretty sure you can’t friend Facebook on Facebook. Which is good, because it would create an even larger spasm in my head than this post already did.

      1. Ah, worry not. I am currently spasm free…ish. But the ish is just because it is very natural for my head to have a couple spasms here and there..

    1. Are you a 20 year old sorority girl? That’s a question you have to answer for yourself. OR- maybe Facebook wants you to “like” arbor mist so all the 20 year old sorority girls see you like it and then they start to like you, maybe, just maybe, Facebook is playing matchmaker.

  6. I *think* you can *like* Facebook but I’m not sure, that just seems stupid because if you really didn’t like it, you wouldn’t use it, right?

    I don’t follow Twitter on Twitter either…I have enough random stuff showing on my page from people who re-tweet things. Kinda spoils it when you have posts from people you don’t know/have never heard of and when you click on their profile to see if you should be stalking them, realise they really aren’t your type!

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