Apparently I’m NOT Invisible in My Car

Invisible Man
Wait, can you see me??!!

This came as quite the shock to me. All of this time I’ve been under the impression that once I  am in that driver’s seat no one can see me. I mean, I know the car isn’t invisible but I guess I thought that nobody could see me in it. I don’t know why I thought that because it isn’t as if my windows are tinted but I definitely thought that.

Today, I was rudely awakened from this fantasy. I now know I am NOT invisible when I am in my car. Let me tell you why. I was listening to BBC Radio1 as per usual and dancing up a storm to my summer jam We No Speak Americano and really not thinking anything of it when I glanced over at the car next to me (you see I always knew I could see them I just didn’t think they could see me, I really don’t know why I thought that) and the older couple in it were laughing up a storm. At first I thought it was so sweet that they were so old and yet could still make each other laugh like that. Then I realized they were laughing at me. Because they could see me. Which I didn’t realize until that very moment. I froze mid dance-move and considered the position I was in. What is the proper etiquette for being caught dancing while driving? I decided to keep dancing. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do or not but my summer jam was on people! I had to keep dancing. Also, I didn’t want them to think they had shamed me into not dancing. Ha! Nobody but nobody can ever shame me into not dancing. I gots to dance, yo!

I did learn an important lesson, however. People CAN SEE ME when I am in my car. This probably definitely won’t effect my dancing but it will definitely change the way I drive. I mean, when I am shouting curse words at negligent drivers they might be able to see what I am saying (because even if they can’t read lips I’m sure it’s pretty clear) and then really get road raged up and try to shoot me. People are getting shot on Mopac these days, y’all. This is some serious shiz. I need to be more careful. Also, I probably won’t check to see if there is food between my teeth as often- although then I actually might get caught with food in between my teeth so I guess I need to weigh out which one is more humiliating.

I guess you learn new things everyday. I mean, this is probably something I should have already known but for some reason had escaped my knowledge previously, but it was a lesson nonetheless. Use this as a cautionary tale. People can probably see you too. Unless your car windows are really really tinted. Or you actually have the power of invisibility. But if neither of those things apply people can definitely see you in your car. Try not to embarrass yourselves- humiliation is best left to the professionals like me.

20 thoughts on “Apparently I’m NOT Invisible in My Car

  1. sabinejosephine says:

    Apparently, others think the same thing, judging by the amount of people I see picking their nose in traffic. Once I even saw a guy eat the booger after he took it out of his nose. It was the only time I got car sick when driving.

    I have also been caught singing, dancing, cursing and even sticking my tongue out to other drivers. The fear of the whole road rage thing is starting to make me more discreet, though.

  2. If you get caught you gotta keep rockin out, if you acknowledge the embarrassment it only gets worse. As long as you don’t crash keep dancing, it’s a good stress reliever haha.

  3. beyondthedepths says:

    For me it’s about being invisible in my cubicle at work. When I’m doing something that doesn’t require my brain I like to put some Spanish pop on and I tend to dance in my chair when something really good comes on. I’m not visible unless they come up to my cube but I have been interrupted at inconvenient times.

    It wasn’t that bad and if I’m dancing then I’m in a good mood so the few times I’ve been caught we just laughed about it…I was never caught by my boss.


      1. beyondthedepths says:

        Oh yes, I’ve got suggestions…here are my current favorites. Look them up on YouTube:

        La Tortura by Shakira I love her dancing in this live version but the music video is good too.

        Me Enamora Juanes – he’s adorable!

        Waka Waka by Shakira – Spanish version is better and this is a great one for dancing.

        I Like It by Enrique Iglesias & Pit Bull

        Colgando en Tus Manos by Carlos Baute



  4. Cars are our safe haven so keep dancing! 😉 I thought my car was sound proof… but no, I was caught singing one day. Luckily, the family said that I was good and to keep going. Haha!

  5. I dance way too shamelessly in my car. I turn up my Julian Casablancas and freak out. And people watch me. And they laugh. When I see them laughing I dance more. It makes my life better.
    Loved that song, We No Speak Americano, and the video is so cute 🙂

  6. Haha! I’ve always felt the same way, as if by hopping into that magical travel-box I am kept from the humiliations of the “outsiders”. Not the case I’m afraid. Of course, I also thought that by rolling down my windows it made them suddenly able to see me again… Yeah not the case either ^.^*

    1. Keep it up. I think my new mission in life is to get everyone to do humiliating things in the car because if we all do it then we can’t really be that embarrassed when we get caught. Although there should be some rules about what’s humiliating and what’s just gross….this could get complicated.

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Singing isn’t worse- I would say being caught singing is equally humiliating. If it’s like a singing and dance combo though then that would be worse.

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