Pet Peeve Day

It’s time for my monthly pet peeve day. Actually- this is my first pet peeve post so….I’m starting a monthly pet peeve day! Yay for me! My imaginary therapist and I think it would be a really healthy thing to get all the things that bother me out in the open. Please feel free to participate- this isn’t all about me. Well, this post is actually all about me but the comment section of this post can totally be all about you.

People Who Talk About Themselves in Third Person.

Girl on the contrary is not a fan (haha). I am flummoxed that this even needs explanation but since I have been hearing a lot of this lately it apparently does. Saying your name over and over again is annoying at best. At worst it’s the reason you were murdered. No one really likes it. No one thinks it’s cute. It makes you look like you are either completely obsessed with yourself or that you have multiple personalities. If it’s obsession- get over yourself. If it’s multiple personalities- then I feel uncomfortable making a suggestion so I guess you get a free pass in regards to talking about yourself in third person.

Getting Lost in My Own City.

This is totally on me. I have a very weak sense of direction and I am constantly taking the long way or the wrong way. Even in Austin. Getting lost in other cities wouldn’t bother me so much. Getting lost in my own city drives me crazy. And I don’t have anyone to blame for this but myself which makes me all the more “peeved”.


I don’t have a story for everything. I haven’t lived every experience. Neither have you. I promise. You definitely don’t have a story for everything- I know you think you do. But you don’t. You don’t. Please stop trying to one-up every story you hear. I’m sure there will be times when your story is the best, but there will also be times when you don’t have a story at all, much less the best story. Accept it. Embrace it even. The times when you do have the best story will mean so much more if they happen less frequently. Stop talking. Unless you really do have a great story that actually happened. In that case, I want to hear it.

People Clipping Their Fingernails in Public.

If you aren’t at a nail salon, then gross. Clipping your nails in public is G-R-O-S-S. For real. Stop doing it (I’m pointing a finger at you movie ticket taker who was clipping his fingernails as he was checking tickets- people carry their popcorn around you for heavens sake!)


I hate them. I’m sorry, I know everyone else loves them, but I don’t. I want lots and lots of real books that smell like knowledge and imagination. I don’t want a sterile e-reader. I want to highlight and annotate and read in the bathtub (which I would never do with an e-reader). I want first editions and earmarked pages. I want shelves and shelves of books. Real books,that look like books and not computers. Also, books aren’t machines and therefore can never be robots that try to take over the world. I rest my case.

Celebrate the day and share your pet peeves!

13 thoughts on “Pet Peeve Day

  1. hozbot says:

    i agree—anything done in public that should be done in the privacy of your own room/bathroom/space —GROSS.

    for example–flossing, plucking, shaving, cutting your nails (fingers or toes), or picking at your toes…etc. just do it in your own space!

  2. One-uppers definitely gets my vote! Good call! What is it if you’re ill but someone has had it ten times worse? Is that one-downers?

    1. I’m not sure. I think I would still classify that as one-upper but I would add a side of douche baggery. For example…

      You: I had a bad case of the flu last week.
      Them: Really? I had a case of malaria that resulted in my death but then I was resurrected and had to spend 6 months in hospital. So, that seems worse than the flu.

      This would make them a douche bag one-upper. Because, seriously? Malaria and resurrection?

      You brought up a very important point. Thanks!

  3. Oneupsmanship is also one of my peeves. I think that we have all met that guy. I have actually been looking into getting an e-reader, but I cannot quite push myself to commit. I enjoy dog earring pages (if any librarians are listening, I’m joking). Nice post.

  4. Agreed! E-readers freak me out. They’re all hard and shiny and have no personality and you have to handle them so carefully. I like books that I can accidentally drop in the ocean and still read after (though I don’t normally hold my books over sea water) and that smell lovely and that a million other people have read by the time I check them out from the library.

    1. dnici says:

      I totaly agree, I love real books. If I could, I would have a library of my very own. And I take comfort in the fact that they will not come to life and take over the world.

      1. I promised my grandmother that if I ever win the lottery I will build a library in her hometown of Wilmington Delaware.
        I think if I did that, I’d live there too haha.

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