I Have A Complicated Relationship With My DVR

I love DVR. I love being able to record all of my favorite shows and then watch them when I have time. I really really love DVR. I am obsessed, however, with keeping it cleaned out. As soon as a show has been watched it MUST be deleted. I literally feel uncomfortable when my DVR has too many shows recorded. I want to watch and then erase all of them.  At this point I get as much joy out of erasing the shows as I do watching them. Which, I’m pretty sure is a weird personality disorder issue. I just love having a clean DVR.

This would perhaps not be so bizarre if I felt this way about cleaning and organization throughout all areas of my life. Not so. I like to describe my room as “chaotically organized” which is to say, it isn’t organized to anyone else in the world except me. My desk at work is organized but I’m sure it looks like a bag of skittles threw-up to anyone else (I like everything to be color coded). So why am I so obsessed with cleaning out my DVR? Why would I want something I love to record shows on to be empty?

I have earned myself the reputation of being the “DVR Police” with my family. They thinks it’s insane funny how concerned I am with an organized DVR. In fact, my precious Father likes to hit record for the most random and ridiculous shows like Mega Piranha so that next time I check my recorded shows I have three times as many as I did the day before. It literally makes me cringe to think about it. He thinks it’s hilarious.

Here is another thought, why do I worry about my relationship with my DVR? It’s an inanimate object. It doesn’t feel rejection or emptiness. Unless it has some secret brain of it’s own- then I will totally be the first to die when the robots take over because I’m sure I have really hurt my DVRs feelings. However, even the threat of robot domination and people death won’t convince me to leave recordings in my DVR. I think I really have a problem.

3 thoughts on “I Have A Complicated Relationship With My DVR

  1. Thank you for writing this! I have the same complicated um, relationship with my DVR. I don’t even watch regular TV anymore if it’s not recorded! The cleaning part? Brilliant! Although I am organized in other areas as well so it’s not just the DVR (don’t get me started about shoe closets!). Love your blog!

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