Facebook Quitter?!

One of the most frequently searched terms for my blog is “Facebook quitter.” Really people? Who is googling that? In other breaking news, the search term ” Facebook quitter” has now taken over “female domination” as the most popular search that leads people to my blog.

There is just something so negative in that search. Like they are saying “Ohhh, look at the little baby who couldn’t hang with facebook anymore. She took all her personal information and cried all the way home. Boo hoo little facebook quitter.” (Say this to yourself in a sarcastic baby voice and you will realize how aggressive this search term is). Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. But I’m pretty sure that is what they mean.

Also, I’m still confused why people are searching for “facebook quitters” on google. Do they want to join the movement? The Facebook quitting movement I didn’t know I was a part of?  Why is quitting Facebook bad? Or is it good? I am truly befuddled by this. In fact, I think I should probably dedicate the rest of my work day into delving into this issue and sorting it out. Or I should do my job and work. It’s up in the air right now.

Anyway, just to be clear- (because I googled this myself and people were all in all pretty mean about Facebook quitters- and also there were a lot of results in French which I think means France wholeheartedly supports my leaving of Facebook which means the rest of America hates me because I have apparently allied myself with the French)- I was on Facebook for many years and I always liked it and though I felt like they violated my privacy a little too often I would just adjust my settings and go on my happy Facebook way. I liked being reminded of my friends birthdays, and seeing everyones pictures, and posting silly things on people’s wall. Over time, however, it became very un-fun for me. And if there is one thing I do quit it’s things that are un-fun. Believe it or not (I’m sure you don’t believe it) I have a very low tolerance for drama. I don’t like or enjoy it. Enter drama, exit me. Unless it’s really something worth fighting for and, I’m sorry if this offends you, but I don’t think Facebook is worth fighting for. At least not in my life.

To sum up- I didn’t quit Facebook. I freed myself from drama (and prying eyes). If you love Facebook then please, by all means, continue to love it and know that in no way are you being judged by me (unless you are a creepster using Facebook to perpetrate creepiness- then I am probably judging you).

Or if you insist, I totally quit Facebook to start a worldwide union of Facebook Quitters (note: only use this explanation if there ever really is a worldwide union for Facebook Quitters- and then make sure you give me all the credit for it, but only if people like it. If people hate it then it was totally your idea).

If you aren’t sure why people would quit Facebook and you don’t mind your world being rocked by truth then check out this really solid explanation of reasons for quitting the book-of-face. Somewhere in there is the reason I quit. I will let you guess which reason that is.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Quitter?!

  1. It’s funny how the comparisons tend to equate leaving facebook to quitting a team sport, when they really should be more in line with giving up gambling or some other non-chemical addiction. All the same, I’m proud of you for taking a stand and voting with your demographic data.

    Also, thanks for the link. Glad you liked the post!

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