I Forgot Day

According to my weird holidays calendar today is “I Forgot Day”. So basically anything you forget today can be considered homage to the holiday. Like, say you forgot to pay your bills today- well the bill collectors can’t hold it against you because it’s I Forgot Day! In your face bill collectors. For future reference, you probably shouldn’t get married on this day, or have a baby, or anything else that is really important to remember.

I just looked at my real calendar- the one I keep my life together with and I realized I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I had totally forgotten about it. I guess I’m really good at this holiday. Anyway, I actually did forget about this wedding and that isn’t really that big of a deal because I’m going with my parents and I’m pretty sure they haven’t forgotten it, but I do feel bad about forgetting it because I have to put my game face on for this wedding and be really supportive (which is hard when you think maybe(definitely) this is a huge mistake). So now I’m behind my “game-face” schedule and I’m going to have to get really good at faking it really quick. If you see me today and I have a large smile on my face but my eyes look empty and sad then don’t worry because it’s not you, it’s my this-wedding-is-a-mistake-game-face. At least I have a pretty dress to wear.

Happy I Forgot Day! Forget about it.

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