I’m Not Sure How I Feel About This

I obsess a bit over my blog stats sometimes (everyday)-  how many visits, most commonly searched terms, website referrals, links, etc. What I have found is nothing short of shocking and somehow awesome. The most commonly searched term that leads people to my blog is “female domination”. Hmm…and also What?!

I have to say I am quite surprised by this. Other than a short story about women taking over the world (Feminae) I didn’t realize I was so fem-centric. Or that I wanted my gender to “dominate”. I would really prefer equality to domination but I also feel strangely complimented that my blog is considered an expert on female domination by search engines. But then I googled it myself and what turned up was a whole lot of porn- which is definitely not what this site is about so now I’m confused. On the one hand empowering women= good and on the other hand porn=gross. A mixed bag really.

So, let’s be clear. If you search for “female domination” and you find my blog expect empowerment, support, and a push for gender equality. If you were looking for porn then I’m sorry, I’m sure the next link you click will probably be what you were looking for.

Also, according to my trusty weird holiday calendar today is Library Advocacy Day. Happy Library Advocacy Day! Read a book people. Or a blog. In fact, read this blog. A lot. Read this blog a lot and support your local Library (note these two things are entirely separate, reading my blog does not mean you support your local library – but you should support your local library, duh, that is the whole point of Library Advocacy Day, didn’t you read my blog? Because you should, read my blog, and support your library.)

National Library Advocacy Day

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