How Do You Choose One Endless Possibility?

I am alone in the woods. Trees surround me. Behind each tree is a different possibility. It is difficult to retrace my steps after I’ve taken them so I must choose carefully. I can only imagine what lies beyond each tree. There is nothing concrete. When I was left in these woods initially it seemed as if I had all the time I needed to decide on my path. Food, water, and shelter were provided, I had comfort and there was want for nothing. I knew my time with these luxuries was limited but I did not ponder on my steps too often. Now as time draws to a close the steps I thought I would take, the trees I knew I would choose, are no longer definitive. I allow myself for the first time to fully internalize all the choices and what I imagine to be the results of them. For the first time in these woods I feel lost. Though I have always been alone here. There is a guide to show me the correct path. I must listen carefully and believe. I think this to myself but still I am lost. I spin around looking at all the trees until I fall flat on my face and cry myself to sleep. I can worry tomorrow- which is the kind of thinking that got me here in the first place. So instead of sleeping I sit in the dead middle of the grove surrounded by trees. I listen real hard for my guide. I don’t hear a thing. Listen harder. Wait. Open my eyes and accept that I am still lost. There are so many things to think about when choosing a tree and its path. How am I supposed to know? My guide? Why won’t it tell me where to go? Wait. Ok, I will try to be patient. Wait. Look at all the trees and wait.

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