The Chewing Gum Terror

So, I have been having this recurring nightmare recently. It’s happened maybe a dozen times or more in the last month. I’m usually in a different scenario in each one, but they all end the same way.

Take, for example, the last nightmare. I was in some unknown part of Africa and was part of some huge food drop with UNICEF. I, along with the food, parachuted out of a giant plane and landed safely on the ground. I was instantly surrounded by villagers and began distributing the food. I passed out all I had to give and then sat on the ground with some of the people I had given food to. I remembered that I had a pack of gum in my pocket and began to divide it amongst the people I was chatting with. They all took a piece of gum, as did I, and began chewing. Everything went fine for them but as soon as I began chewing the gum it started to expand in my mouth. No matter how hard and fast I chewed it kept getting bigger and bigger- I started to panic and began desperately trying to yank the gum out of my mouth with my hands, but it wouldn’t budge. I was tearing at my mouth trying to get the ever-expanding chewing gum out. It was sticking to my teeth and the roof of my mouth and no amount of pulling would force it out. I was in full-blown terror mode looking to the villagers for some help but I couldn’t see them anymore. I was all alone in a desert with chewing gum that would shortly be making it’s way down my throat effectively cutting of my air supply. I was gasping for breath still trying to spit or pull the gum out. I finally was able to pull some out but as soon as it came out more took it’s place and my jaw was aching from not being able to close my mouth and tears are streaming down my face and I don’t know what else to do but continue trying to rid myself of this demonic chewing gum. (Sometimes at this point when I’m feeling the most terrified, I wake up, but sometimes the dream continues…)

Eventually I was able, after what seems like years, to pull most of the gum out. It stops expanding in my mouth and finally, finally, I am able to breath easier. As I am beginning to calm down and continue pulling gum out of my mouth people start appearing again and ask me if I’m alright. I nod mostly and sometimes I speak but I never tell them about the chewing gum. Why is that?

I don’t know what this dream means, if anything, and I know it doesn’t sound terrifying but when I’m in it I feel more afraid than any nightmare has ever made me feel. I don’t even chew gum that much in real life. What does this nightmare mean? I think it’s a good sign that eventually I manage to free myself from the demon gum- I think. Maybe it isn’t. But every time I wake up, I have to ask myself, chewing gum? Seriously, chewing gum? I can’t believe I’m having nightmares about chewing gum. Really, what can this possibly mean?

7 thoughts on “The Chewing Gum Terror

  1. min says:

    I watched a youtube video and its said that compulsive gum chewing is a sign of having a demon of fear or anxiety in you. and although u may not actually chew that much. this could be yr brains way of alerting you of a negative presence entering your being due to some psychological trauma which is causing you fear. ask for forgiveness in Jesus name and forgive others and the problem and the dream should both leave

  2. Linda sherrill says:

    I thought I was all alone on this kind of dream here but I see that not I have had this same dream about never ending pulling gum from a jaw tooth and I continue to pull and pull and the gum is still there. I have had this same dream numerous times over the years. But this last dream was about pulling never ending string from jaw tooth. In my dream it exhausts me from continuing to pull. And I wake up so tired

  3. Sras says:

    I have similar dreams only not so scary. Random places and I have a piece of gum, which I’ve never really been into, and then it feels like it sticks in my teeth. I spotspit it out and then have to pull out the rest with my fingers but it just keeps coming. Eventually I wake up but I know I spend most of my time trying to hide my dream teeth/gum picking from the dream people. I wear a note guard as well though so I think it’s related to that.

  4. Tracey Winters says:

    I also have this same type of dream, however, as I am pulling the never-ending gum out, it starts pullling at my teeth and all my teeth are crumbling and bits are coming out stuck in all the gum. I do suffer from bruxism and TMJ and wear a night guard but these dreams are SO vivid and realistic I wake up with headaches and more jaw pain than normal.

  5. Kaitland says:

    Wow, I get the same nightmare about expanding chewing gum and the same as you with the place/situation changing. I wish I knew the meaning of it too. Bizzare!

  6. Aakundun says:

    Your dream is ‘Exact’ to mine. I’ve had the same nightmare for years, Damn chewing gum. I stopped chewing it years ago, thought it would stop the dreams but no luck. Sometimes I get help yanking all that gum out but alas, nothing stops the endless supply. Very frustrating. I feel your pain, thanks for writing it out, I did get a kick out of reading it!

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