What I’ve Given Up -or- Happy Lent!

So, it’s Ash Wednesday and therefore the first day of my 40 day period of self-denial. This year I am focusing on the things that I indulge in that are bad for me. Soda, Chips, and Perez Hilton.

Originally I was just going to go without soda and Perez Hilton but my Dad pointed out to me that he thinks I eat chips too often- so there you go. Lately, I have to admit I have  been eating incredibly poorly and drinking several diet cokes a day. I don’t know why that has been the case but it has and so I’m putting a stop to it. Lent provides the perfect way to do that.

Perez Hilton. I check his website many times a day, craving that latest bit of celebrity gossip. I am so ashamed! What does this contribute to my life? What do I gain from this? The answer to both questions is nothing. I could be doing so many other more productive things. Also, he is pretty mean to some of these celebritites- harsh and judgmental and unforgiving. Why add that negativity to my day? Honestly, I’m not sure how I got started on reading his site but it’s over now. Not only am I giving this up for Lent, I am giving it up for good.

So, all this makes me think about self-denial and how something that sounds so bleak can actually be something incredibly joyous. How in denying myself I am actually making myself a healthier and happier person. Also, that next time maybe I shouldn’t wait for Lent to cut out the toxins in my life.

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