And so it begins…

Taking my cue from one of my most frequent ( and less fanciful) daydreams, I have begun working earnestly on my travel memoir (also known as my first book). The whole thing is written in my mind- when I daydream I do it in detail- it’s just a matter of taking it from my mind (and journal pages) and putting it on my computer. Of course, I also need to edit, organize, and take it out of stream of consciousness (lets be honest, that only worked well for Hemingway) and then voila, my very first book will be completed and the wild success can follow accordingly (ok- so there is still a fair amount of daydream in this…)

Unfortunately, I find myself somehow hitting walls with writing it.  It’s not writer’s block, I know exactly what I want to write, it’s more along the lines of writer’s laziness. I have never thought of myself as lazy,never once been accused of laziness, but I’m not sure what else I could possibly call it, I literally don’t want to open my computer and type. The story is all there- and I can’t seem to force it into actualization, something concrete to send to publishers, and I’m not sure why. Psychological issue perhaps? Something like self-fulfilling prophecy, or fear of rejection. Probably not, I think it’s more about being afraid that once I actually attempt what I have been imagining for more years than I would admit, that I won’t be able to daydream about it anymore. Because if I am rejected by every publisher, then how can I possibly continue dreaming about a Pulitzer? I guess I just feel very protective over my dreams, which is kind of bizarre.

But, you know, I have a lot of daydreams. It certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world if I lost one to reality. There will, after all, always be plenty of things to occupy my imagination, and if I happened to get lucky and this dream were to end up being even better in reality than in my imagination, then it would have been worth all the worry and writing struggles. Aha.  Excuse me, I have a book to finish………….

7 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Even though I have precious few travel memoirs myself (currently mind you, there will be more I say!), I’ve found that even after I’ve blogged them out they are still as fresh in my mind as the day they were lived.

    I couldn’t agree more with Crystal’s comment here, appreciating your own process is paramount – it’s been working fantastically so far. Your Pulitzer will just remind you that daydreaming cannot be lost at all; in fact we could all do with putting a little daydream into our realities.

    Keep up the spectacular work, I’ll keep an eye on Oprah’s book club for your publication. 😉

      1. Stop it, you’re going to make me blush! Your blogs are one of my favourite sources of cheer whenever the days begin to make me growl.

        If I can give you back a measure of that, then that makes it even better. 🙂

  2. Same here. I left my job in February to write my dating memoirs, which I’ve mapped out as a hilarious yet poignent read (finishing my first book is a bucket list thing)…if only I would sit and write it. So. This past week, I pulled out a notepad and pen. I began handwriting and I do it wherever I feel inspired. I am taking my bites of the elephant by writing the way I did as a kid…before computers were and option and I figure that the time it takes me to transcribe and then type into the computer cannot be much longer than the time I spend farting around on FB and YouTube doing anything BUT writing. I’m blogging about my year of not working, and “becoming” all the things I’ve wanted to be (published, thinner, kinder), if you want to commicerate 🙂

  3. Hello there.

    I have a similar problem. I’ve written a few chapters in a few great spurts over a couple of years. I know if I could just focus, I could see a dream fulfilled. But sadly, it’s like you said, I literally don’t want to open my computer and type.

    However, I am finding that there is hope and it is this: Honor your process. Whatever it is, if it takes you years to churn out your creative masterpiece, well that’s just your process. The more we can honor and accept our processes, the closer we come to fulfilling our dreams in the here and now. We are already there. We are already creative geniuses (we all are!) It may just be a matter of accepting, embracing and honoring our creative processes in order to release our goodness into the world. Kill the guilt! Love your procrastination as part of your personal recipe for success!

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