Here Is A Thought On A Monday

This week is all thoughts y’all! I added an exclamation mark to that so it sounds more exciting. I think it worked.

On to the thought….

Do people still train to be mimes? Is there a high mime demand? Just a thing I wondered about after watching Sia perform with a mime on SNL. Also, I bet at the SNL after-party no one recognized the mime because he didn’t have his makeup on and then security was like “Hey man. Are you supposed to be here?” and then he was like “Yeah, it’s cool. I’m Sia’s mime.”

We Are Our Own Country Now

My husband (the Geographer) informed me yesterday that this blog now has more followers than at least 3 sovereign countries have inhabitants. I believe that makes us our own country now y’all! Welcome to ContraryLand!

A few things about our country…

National Bird: Blue Footed Booby (Haha…. booby…..)

National Song: Lazy Sunday
( )

National Motto: LOL

National Animal (large): Nessie (The Loch Ness monster, but don’t let “monster” fool you, she’s actually very gentle and gives great advice on how to prepare fish.)

National Animal (small): Chupacabra  (Hide your goats!)

National Insect: Jiminy Cricket (He can be annoying but he keeps us honest.)

Feel free to share your facts about our totally awesome (and entirely made-up) country! And thank you all so very much for subscribing/following this blog –  it makes my heart fit to burst. :)