Things I Learned In Chicago

Captain Thoughtful and I spent July 4th weekend in Chicago with one of my dearest friends, the divine SJ. It was one of the most spectacular weekends ever – no exaggeration.

Things Chicago Taught Me
1. Pterodactlys are Blackhawk fans


2. Any hot dog that isn’t a Portillo’s hot dog is a pretender to the throne.


3. When dinosaurs roam the Earth again, we are all screwed because those stinkers are huge.


4. If you want to be awed by fireworks, spend your July 4th on the rooftop terrace in the West Loop. You will have a 360° view of every fireworks show in Chicago. I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy reveling in all the awe, so just trust me on this.

5. When you are with bright, fun, and all around lovely people, you are destined to have a fantastic time. Destined I say!


Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Dear Atlantic, Iowa

Thank you for having a Walmart with an auto shop that is open late. When we had a blowout on I80, I thought we were doomed to spend the night in an uncomfortable motel. However, thanks to your town,  we were able to get 2 new tires and get back on the road. I really can’t thank you enough for existing. Also, I noticed you are the “Coca-Cola capital of Iowa”, please accept my hearty congratulations! I don’t know what it takes to achieve that title but I am sure it was something special. Again, thank you Atlantic, Iowa for being a place that two people eager to get home can find help and get back on the road. I shall always think of you fondly.



Even Children Mock My Fear of Dinosaurs

Little girl: What are you afraid of?

Me: Dinosaurs.

Little Girl: No. I mean what scares you?

Me: Dinosaurs.

Little Girl: That doesn’t make sense.

Me: I agree.

Little Girl: So, you aren’t scared of dinosaurs.

Me: I am definitely scared of them.

Little Girl: Maybe it’s you that doesn’t make sense.

Me: I agree with that too.

Little Girl: Let’s talk about something else.

When a 5 year old tells you your fears are ridiculous, it might be time to really focus on overcoming those fears. Or, you could be me and take “you don’t make sense” as some sort of complement and continue to fear animals that are extinct. Your call.