Today is Captain Thoughtful’s Birthday!

My husband, Captain Thoughtful, turns 30 today. I’m going to break it down for y’all honest-like:

I love this man more and more every day, more and more than words can say.

Captain Thoughtful and I met at a Patrick Sweany concert and when Patrick played this song, I wondered at the time whether it would be “our song” if we ever dated because I was already crushing mad hard on the Captain. We did date, and then we got engaged, and a year and a half ago, we got married. This is our song.

Happy Birthday darling! I can’t wait to fill every day of the next 70 years with more and more love!

Today Is A Big Day.

Today is a big day for Captain Thoughtful – any well wishes would be appreciated. For my part, I have a plan in place that involves cunning, shenanigans, Kreutz BBQ, laughter, and beer. Like, all of the beer. All. Of. It. I would give you all the plan details but the good Captain reads this blog every time I post because he’s supportive like that and my shenanigans would lose their shenanigans-ness if he knew about them in advance. Here is a hint – it involves beer.

Good luck today my love!  You are going to knock all of the people’s socks off (which is why I’m bringing extra socks for everyone in case you were wondering what all those socks in my purse were for).


Here Is A Thought On A Friday

As we prepare for our big move to Lincoln, I can’t help but wonder why we aren’t closer to being able to just snap our fingers and have ourselves and all our stuff moved into a new place. For the record, Amazon, I would rather you be working on that than working on getting drones to deliver my packages. If I’m living in the future, I would really like it to be a future where I never have to pack another box or drive a moving truck across the country.

Dobby Is A Good And Free Elf!

While introducing my cousins to the Harry Potter movies…

Bomb-dignity cousin: Is Dobby evil?

Me: WHAT? No. Dobby is good.

Spiderwoman cousin: But does he become evil?

Me: Dobby is a good and free elf! He is never evil – only good and free!

(Realizes we are only at the very beginning of The Chamber of Secrets)

Me: Oh. Uh. Spoiler alert: Dobby gets freed.

Also, for the record, my cousins chose their own pseudonyms for the blog. Shout out to Bomb-diggity and Spiderwoman!

When I’m Gone

I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am and what type of legacy I might leave behind someday. And, I’ve decided that when I’m gone, I hope that if people say one thing about me, it’s that I knew more than anyone else when it came to artisanal pickles.

Just kidding, I don’t know anything about artisanal pickles other than nom nom nom. I hope that if people say one thing about me, it’s that I was kind.

I want to be kinder than I am funny. Kinder than I am intelligent. Kinder than I am pretty. I want to be kinder every day than I was the day before. That’s what I hope people say about me when I’m gone.

How about you?

I Really Need to Stop Reading My Old Blog Drafts

Once again, I have managed to baffle the crap out of myself by looking through my blog drafts. There are hundreds of blog drafts and each time I open one, it’s like jumping through the looking glass and finding myself in a labyrinth that is equal parts Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle Earth. But like, if all of those places has been horribly mangled in a Nurti-Ninja and then laid out to dry on the surface of the sun.

I only had the courage to open one draft and it was titled “The adventures of Girl on the Contrary and Walter”. Who the hell is Walter? I don’t know who Walter is. Walter is a complete stranger to me and this has led me to believe that Walter was a once imaginary friend that I have eternal sunshine-d out of my memory. What did you do to me imaginary friend Walter that was so bad that I had to erase you from my memory? Did you eat the last breakfast taco? I bet it was that.

And now Captain Thoughtful has reminded me that “Walter” was what I named a My Little Pony that I was going to carry around with me and take pictures with, but never actually did.

I’m not sure which scenario is worse to be honest.