I Am Preparing Myself Emotionally

And not for Jurassic World as you might expect. I am emotionally preparing myself for Mockingjay Part 2.

The first trailer came out this week and all I can say is……sniff…..sniff…I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING BECAUSE I AM ALREADY CRYING OK????!!!!

I am so glad I have several months to get my shit together so that I don’t embarrass myself and my husband by ugly crying in a crowded theater come November. Specifically, I am preparing by re-reading the book and ugly crying within the privacy of my own home, like a lady.

How are yall preparing?

Churro Purist

Me: That makes me angry!

Captain Thoughtful: What does?

Me: That Oreo Churro stand.

Captain Thoughtful : Ummm….

Me: It’s like they are saying that Churros aren’t delicious enough and need to somehow be improved. They don’t need to be improved. They are delicious and perfect and probably made with magic and happy thoughts.

Captain Thoughtful :  You are a churro purist.

Me: Who will speak for the churros?! Me, that’s who.

Captain Thoughtful : But, you like Oreos.

Me: Wow. Yes, I do, but that is so completely off the point.

Captain Thoughtful : There is a point?

Me: I don’t even know anymore. Something about dessert?

Bless You

Captain Thoughtful: So, next week when we go to the farmers market, I think we need to get (farts loudly)….

Me: Bless you.

Captain Thoughtful: Excuse me…so I think we need to get…..wait, did you say “Bless you.”?

Me: I did.

Captain Thoughtful: Ummmmm.

Me: Your butt sneezed.

Captain Thoughtful: Huh.

And then we got back to the subject of what we needed to get from the farmers market next week. Thus concludes a typical conversation between me and my husband. You’re welcome world.


Today is Memorial Day, and while I am extremely grateful for the sacrifices of those stunningly brave women and men in our armed forces, I’m thinking of something else today.

I’m thinking about how one year ago, I was playing Batman with my cousin Aiden. I’m thinking about how Aiden and Captain Thoughtful played legos and how thrilled Aiden was with the spaceship they created. I’m thinking about how hard we all laughed playing pictionary. I’m thinking about how one year ago I hugged my Uncle Tom for the last time.

Today, one year later, I’m thinking about them. And I’m so very sad and so overwhelmingly thankful for Memorial Day one year ago.