David Bowie

The truth is, I never once considered the fact that David Bowie would die. I didn’t even think he *could* die. Maybe I spent too many hours watching and rewatching Labyrinth as a kid, but he always seemed immortal to me. I didn’t know him personally , but I was always stunned by his beautiful imagination. His music is surprising and delightful and poignant and everlasting. Ashes to ashes, stardust to stardust.

I Have A Theory

I have a theory that all airports are located on hellmouths. Here is my evidence:

1. Even the nicest airports bring out the worst in people.

That’s it. But I don’t think I need more proof. That is more than enough. People turn into panicky, angry, vicious, spastic, emotionally reactive monsters at airports. And I don’t exclude myself from this at all. My flight gets canceled and I immediately see red and start demanding first class tickets to Maui as sufficient repayment for my temporary inconvenience and if you don’t pay for my dinner so help me……it will get ugly. But cancel a movie or a package shipment or literally anything else in my life and I’ll just shrug it off and figure something else out calmly.

Airports are definitely on hellmouths. Its the only explanation.

I’m A Wizard!

Captain Thoughtful and I took off on an anniversary/Christmas trip last week and of course we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Because we are giant nerds who are perfect for each other. It was an absolutely perfect holiday and we had a complete blast but one thing in particular happened that I need to share with y’all.

I was chosen at Ollivanders!

What that means is that I am a real wizard with a real wand that chose me.

Or, it could mean that I was chosen out of a crowd of people to be part of a small show where I got to try out wands and find my perfect match just like Harry does in the first book. Personally, I prefer the first explanation. The second is such a muggle explanation.

I’m a wizard!!!!


I’m still so thrilled by this I can hardly even talk about it.